CPChatNow remains a growing online community for those with cerebral palsy (CP). The movement began in December 2013 when the first live Twitter chat #CPChatNow occurred. Instantly the cerebral palsy Twitter chat became a weekly deal. Currently co-hosted by author/online entrepreneur Zachary Fenell (Off Balanced) and Reaching for the Stars Student Ambassador Blake Henry the Twitter chat continues to serve as CPChatNow’s core.

Join Zachary Fenell and Blake Henry every Wednesday for the live Twitter chat #CPChatNow.Beyond Twitter CPChatNow enjoys an engaging presence on Facebook via the CPChatNow Facebook fan page. There you will find articles about current events related to cerebral palsy, popular questions brought up during the previous chat, and more! Make sure to like us on Facebook.

As previously mentioned CPChatNow all started in December 2013. Tim Wambach from the critically acclaimed stage show Handicap This recruited Zachary and author/motivational speaker John W. Quinn (Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy) to co-host the first ever #CPChatNow Twitter chat. Zachary asked Blake to become a co-host after busy schedules forced Tim and John to step back.

Virtual scrapbook page noting highlights from #CPChatNow's memorable 2015.

This virtual scrapbook page documents a few CPChatNow highlights from 2015.

Under Zachary and Blake’s leadership CPChatNow soared in 2015. In February that year they introduced the focus chat concept. Held on a monthly basis focus chats highlight a particular subject on a designated Wednesday. For instance, recognized cerebral palsy blogger Katy Fetters (Teen CP) led a focus chat titled “Introducing Your Cerebral Palsy When Meeting New People.”

Additionally in 2015 CPChatNow started holding a monthly video chat via Google Hangouts. These Hangouts take place on one selected Thursday every month. For privacy reasons invites to the Hangout go out privately. Contact Zachary on Twitter to inquire about receiving an invite.

By launching cpchatnow.com Zachary and Blake indicate the online community will reach even greater heights in 2016. Subscribe to our blog here (upper left hand corner on computers/lower left hand corner on mobile devices) and stay updated on the latest!


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