#CPChatNow Recap- 12/20/2017

The week before Christmas was an eventful week as always in #CPChatNow.  Members talked about returning to their former clinic, the character of Tiny Tim, their grandparents, and more. This is #CPChatNow Co-Host, Devin Axtman, taking you along on this week’s recap.

The chat started with #CPChatNow Co-Host, Jorge, checking in from a vacation with his family:

Blake checking from a vacation with his family. His tweet includes a picture of a beach at sunset

Zach also talked about recently seeing A Christmas Carol and being disappointed with the Tiny Tim character:

Zach lamenting that Tiny Tim in a Christmas Carol is just a plot device and a turning point for Scrooge

Wum Gin talked about going back to her old clinic and memories of her gait analysis. We shared memories of the pain from the markers for the gait analysis being removed from our legs:

Wum Gin discussing returning to her original clinic. We discussed memories of our gait analysis and the pain the removal of the markers caused


With the holidays, talk turned to family, and specifically grandparents.  Blemi started the conversation by talking about her 95-year-old grandfather who has been a huge influence in her life and how he met her grandmother in a World War II internment camp:

Blemi discussing her grandfather's active lifestyle and her grandparents meeting in the internment camp

Finally, Zach also discussed a memorable moment where he scooped ice cream for his grandparents. Zach shared his ability to perform tasks is often overlooked:

Zach talking about a cherished moment when he scooped ice cream for his grandparents and he discussed how he is often overlooked when family asked for help


This brings us to our extend-the-conversation question: What do you wish others knew about your strengths while living with CP?

Tweet you later!

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#CPChatNow Recap- 12-13-2017

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 remained an active evening for the live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow. Organizing all the activity into one easy to follow recap stands my charge. For those who do not know I am co-host Zachary Fenell.

Interest from community members peaked when I announced our next focus chat.

Personal trainer Daryl Perry will join #CPChatNow Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 to discuss setting good New Year resolutions.On Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 Your Level Fitness’ Daryl Perry will join #CPChatNow to lead a chat about “setting good New Year resolutions.” While a personal trainer will head up the discussion, resolutions do not need to relate to only physical goals. A fact I emphasized in an arguably too serious tweet.

Co-host Zachary Fenell points out resolutions to be discussed Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 do not need to be physical goals.Continuing a recent running joke in our #CPChatNow community, regular Rachel asked to include cake in the upcoming “Setting Good New Year Resolutions” focus chat. Replying seriously, I noted while Daryl works as a personal trainer the focus chat can extend beyond fitness based resolutions. Daryl also possesses a small business background.

Keeping to a serious tone, my co-host Devin called himself “the King of Not Sticking with Resolutions.”

Co-host Devin refers to himself as the "King" of not sticking with resolutions. Looking to encourage my co-host, I noted many people share this issue. Setting unmanageable resolutions I speculated causes the lacking commitment. Daryl chimed in, recommending working backwards from whatever resolution you set. Determine weekly and daily goals you can evaluate and adjust. Expect more insights like that Wednesday, December 27th, 2017!

Re-focusing back to Wednesday, December 13th however, Devin raised a topic not likely to win any popularity contests within the CP community.

Devin says he does not know how those of us in regions where it snows manages with the white mess.The abovementioned topic “not likely to win any popularity contests” proved no other than snow! I joked I manage with snow due to “poor life choices.” Hannah Pike admitted to hibernating as much as possible. Meanwhile Rachel explained the snow does not bother her. Instead she objects to the ice and Raynaud’s syndrome.

Your turn now! Answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question “How do you manage in the snow with your cerebral palsy?” Leave your response in the “Comments” section.

Continuing forward Rachel raised a subject which appealed to left-handers.

Rachel mentions making her mouse left-handed.Rachel noted she recently made her computer mouse left-handed. Hannah, also a lefty, expressed interest in doing the same. Personally, the entire conversation fascinated me.

Zachary did not know left-handed mice existed!As another southpaw, the idea amazed me. Perhaps you can further trigger my amazement with your answer to the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

This week's extend-the-conversation question asks "How do you manage in the snow with your cerebral palsy?"“How do you manage in the snow with your cerebral palsy?”

Respond below.

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#CPChatNow Recap- Reflecting Back and Looking Forward Focus Chat

This past week in #CPChatNow was especially lively as we celebrated #CPChatNow’s 4th birthday!  We decided to do a focus chat with various questions focusing on changes in member’s lives, questions about #CPChatNow, and a discussion about #CPChatNow’s future.  This is #CPChatNow Co-Host, Devin Axtman, taking you along on this special recap.

The first question focused on what has changed in members’ lives in the last four years.  Members shared many things, but it was interesting that many members had common changes:

Zach asking what has changed over the past 4 years. I answered with some changes including a master's degree, girlfriend

Blemi discussing a new job and boyfriend when talking about changes. Seth discussing cruises and burying his grandpa

The next question was about how members had heard about #CPChatNow.  Members shared various things such as discovering it on their timeline to seeing CP celebrities like John Quinn tweet about it:

Hannah tweeting that #CPChatNow showed up on her timeline

Me stating that I stumbled on #CPChatNow in a search, but I saw John Quinn tweet it

Zach also shared the story of the creation of #CPChatNow.  A collaboration between John Quinn and @HandicapThis.

Zach sharing story of #CPChatNow's creation

The next question related to specific questions or conversations that have stuck out to members.  Hannah shared the long running #CPChatNow joke of the story when someone asked if her CP was caused by getting ran over by a train:

Hannah tweeting the train conversation is her favorite #CPChatNow conversation

Jen tweeted about the focus chat with @The_CP_Swagger and Hunter Gandee who has made national news by carrying his brother with CP on his back to raise awareness:

Jen tweeting her favorite chat was with CP Swagger

Zach chimed in with the exercise chat led by Erin while I said the dating or accessible gaming ones:

Zach and Devin discussing their favorite conversations

Members also mentioned liking that the conversations in #CPChatNow tend to happen organically and do not feel forced:

Members discussing the joy that CPChatNow conversations tend to happen organically

Finally, the last question in the Focus Chat was regarding who members would like to see be a guest on a future focus chat.  Members were consistent in requesting Micah Fowler of Speechless fame.

Jen tweeting that she would like to see Micah Fowler on a future chat

Now this brings us to our next Extend-The-Conversation question and I will use #CPChatNow’s fourth birthday as inspiration.  What has changed for you in the past four years and what would you like to see in the next four?

This week's extend-the-conversation questions asks "What has changed for you in the past four years and what would you like to see in the next four?"

Answer in the “Comments” section.

#CPChatNow Recap- 11-29-2017

Assorted conversations occurred Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 during the cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow. I am co-host Zachary Fenell, here to summarize the dialogue into your weekly recap. Tone throughout the night varied from empathetic and humorous to more serious.

Rachel shares she almost fell earlier in the day without a sense of what happened.Both co-host Devin and I empathized with Rachel when she shared she almost fell earlier in the day. Rachel described the situation tweeting in-part, “don’t even have a sense of what happened… my muscles just decided to go on strike.”

Her description made me recall the second fall I endured amidst my marathon Sunday, October 8th, 2017. Meanwhile Devin noted experiencing similar scenarios. For him he ends up going backwards. Devin and I additionally each answered a question raised by participant Seth.

Seth asks if anyone knows a republican with cerebral palsy.Curiosity sparked Seth to ask if anyone knows a republican with CP. I mentioned seeing social media posts containing republican ideals published by others with CP. However, I added not asking about party affiliation. Close-minded attitudes make political discourse difficult to enjoy in my opinion. Devin agreed, expressing indifference towards the two main parties. Furthermore Devin voiced frustration regarding another subject.

Devin is tired of a society where individuals with disabilities are never seen and even worse, killed in an act of "mercy."Retweeting a news story emerging too often, Devin vocalized disgust. The piece centers around an adult woman with a disability who some “never seen” and her parents. The father killed the mom and daughter prior to taking his own life. Actions certain people in society reacted to with sympathy. A reaction tiring to Devin.

Similarly, I found the news piece sickening. I theorized such instances happen due to the misconception people with disabilities cannot live valuable lives. #CPChatNow regular Shira Sadiky chimed in, saying these unfortunate attitudes motivate her. She wants to prove those people wrong!

Fellow #CPChatNow regular Susanne Kate Brasset also provided her insight.

Susanne considers news stories like the one Devin shared as a communications tool to get word out about what people with disabilities can do.Susanne viewed the scenario partially a communication issue. She sees multiple people with disabilities posting online unfamiliar with available resources. Within her comments Susanne hit upon key advice. “You never know unless you ask.”

Later in the evening chatter returned to advice when I tweeted an article I read previously in the day.

Zachary asks #CPChatNow what advice they would give their younger selves.Building off the article I tweeted, I asked “What advice would you give your younger self?” Long-time chat regular Blemi would advise her younger self to “Keep on keeping on. Life does get better.”

Seth additionally encouraged with his wisdom. “Living on your own isn’t as scary as you think.” Your turn! Ponder your life lessons and answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question, “What advice would you give your younger self?”

This week's extend-the-conversation question asks "What advice would you give your younger self?"

Answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question with a comment in the “Comments” section.

Leave a comment in the “Comments” section below to respond. No reason the conversation must stop after Wednesday. Keep the dialogue going!

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