#CPChatNow Recap- A Serious Chat About Comedy

This week brought up one of our best focus chats yet, as #CPChatNow regular, Susanne Kate Jones, led a serious chat about comedy.  I’m your #CPChatNow Interim Co-Host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride. So, what are you waiting for?  Hop aboard and let’s get geauxing!

Susanne first introduced herself by noting her comedy experience:

Susane describing her degrees from LSU

Susanne discussing the comedy classes she has taken

Susanne came up with some outstanding questions.  Her first question asked about people’s favorite comedian and comedy movie or TV show:

Alena also specifically brought up how the ABC show Speechless is her favorite because it highlights disability:

Susanne next asked about the importance of comedy and humor.  Members chimed in with their thoughts:

Susanne next asked if members felt there were any topics that are comedically off limits:

Members chimed in with various different topics they felt were comedically off limits:

Ultimately, we agreed it depends on the situation:

Next, Susanne asked if comedy could be used to teach about disability related issues. Members largely agreed that it can allow others to relate to CP easier.


Next, Susanne asked why members thought there were so many successful comics with CP. Members largely agreed that CP gives comics a unique story that comics can tell.  Members also spoke of comedy as a coping mechanism:

Finally, Susanne asked about ways to make comedy more accessible. Members discussed various ways, focusing on physical and digital access.

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question, “What role does humor or comedy play in your daily life with CP?” Extend the conversation question with #CPChatNow Logo

Please leave your answer in the comments and thanks for reading!


#CPChatNow Recap- 04-19-2017

Every week the Twitter chat #CPChatNow thrives thanks to our great community. A fact our April 19th, 2017 Twitter chat exemplified! I am proud co-founder and co-host Zachary Fenell here to recap our latest chat.

Interim co-host Devin Axtman suggested we start the night by sharing peaks and pits from the last seven days. An idea in past weeks offered up by participant Amanda. Hamda’s peak raised the night’s first communal mention.

Many CPChatNow participants keep in touch with each other throughout the week.Participants keeping in touch throughout the week demonstrates the strength in connections made within our community. Something I wish to emphasize by creating new #CPChatNow promotional graphics. In past months I asked participants to submit photos with them in their #CPChatNow shirts for such graphics. I asked again April 19th, this time also sharing a taste to what said images might look like.

Zachary Fenell shares a prototype for a new website banner while requesting photos to include in said banner. One signature trait to a true community involves seeing an idea shared grow and evolve. Long-time participant Hannah Pike set said evolution in motion with her photo submission.

Hannah submits a photo with fellow #CPChatNow participant Alena Brand for inclusion in CPChatNow's new promotional graphics.Hannah thinks her photo with Alena would be a good fit for the promotional images because the picture shows community.Additionally opening up submissions beyond pictures featuring CPChatNow shirts seems only fair to those without CPChatNow shirts. If you want your face incorporated into CPChatNow promotional material, submit a photograph! You can send our way via a direct message through our Facebook fan page.

Another aspect to community emerged while a couple participants made small talk. Shira discussed a school project which peaked Blemi’s interest. Soon their dialogue blossomed in more meaningful ways.

Knowing Blemi has made a career with numbers despite struggling at math brought Shira some hope.Hope, enhanced ideas, and friendship all represent community characteristics. What characteristics do you value in a community? Tell us! Answer the aforementioned for the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

This week the CPChatNow extend-the-conversation question asks "What characteristics do you value in a community?"

In the “Comments” section share what characteristics you value in a community.

Leave your reply in the “Comments” section. Then join us tonight on Twitter at 8pm ET. Susanne Kate Jones returns to our community to lead us in a focus chat titled “A Serious Chat About Comedy.” You can expect an insightful discussion sprinkled with laughs throughout. Talk and laugh with you later.



#CPChatNow Recap- 4-12-2017

A member getting married, LEGO’s newest efforts at highlighting disability, and actions by others to increase member’s confidence were all topics on last week’s #CPChatNow Twitter chat.  I am Interim Co-Host, Devin Axtman, and I will be taking you along on this week’s recap.  The only issue is, there were too many good Tweets to include!

#CPChatNow opened with a joyous start as regular, Jen Conventry, announced she had recently been married:

CPChatNow regular announcing that her peak of the week was her recent marriage

Talk next turned to LEGO’s efforts at highlighting disability issues and accessibility.  It is great to see more mainstream companies highlighting disability in a positive way.

Devin highlighting LEGO's latest wheelchair accessible bus

Dave pointed out that LEGO has also released a wheelchair ramp to go along with their characters who use wheelchairs. Bravo, LEGO!

Dave Smith posting about wheelchair ramp from LEGO Re: Maysoon Zayid

Finally, #CPChatNow Co-Host, Zachary Fenell, posted a question that sparked conversation.  Zach asked whether people get offended if their CP prevents them from being considered to do something by others.

Zach asking if others do not get considered for things because of their CP and using the example of being a paul bearer

#CPChatNow regular, Maysoon Zayid, tweeted this has happened numerous times throughout her TV career.

Maysoon tweeting her entire UNT career

Zach shared a powerful story of his cousin allowing him to hold a baby and how that totally awakened his confidence.

Zach holding his cousin's baby that led to him turning around his confidence

This leads us to our Extend-The-Question conversation, What actions have others taken to increase your confidence with your CP?  Please share your answers in the comments! Extend the conversation question What actions have others taken to increase your confidence with your CP?

Finally, don’t forget our next Google Hangout, April 20th!

Google Hangout announcement April 20th 7 PMHave a great week, #CPChatNow fam!


#CPChatNow Recap- 04-05-2017

Hit sitcom Speechless and aging with cerebral palsy proved popular topics during the April 5th, 2017 #CPChatNow. I am co-host Zachary Fenell here with the better late than never Twitter chat recap. Conversation turned to Speechless shortly after our usual Wednesday evening salutations.

Zachary asks about topics people want to see addressed on the show Speechless.Discussion initiated when I asked about subjects people want to see Speechless address in future episodes. Blemi spoke up, saying she wants to see an episode addressing fake friends. Another participant went further, expressing a desire to guest star on the sitcom. Not as farfetched a possibility as you might think!

Comedian and actress Maysoon Zayid wants to guest star on Speechless as Maya's disabled friend.Yes, actress and comedian Maysoon Zayid popped in to join our Wednesday evening chat. She wishes to guest star on Speechless, playing Maya’s disabled friend and hang/fight with the other moms. Does that sound intriguing to you? Tweet Speechless on Twitter and tell them you want to see Maysoon guest star!

Maysoon’s presence also brought a newcomer to #CPChatNow. He shared what he hopes to see in a future Speechless episode.

Newcomer to #CPChatNow Dave Smith wants to see a variety of CP cases on a Speechless episode.Personally, I like Dave’s idea to showcase the wide spectrum cerebral palsy offers. Your turn, though. Answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question, “Is there a topic you would like to see Speechless address in its show that they have yet to address?” Respond in the “Comments” section.

Eventually the night’s dialogue moved beyond Speechless. Although the first new topic remained Speechless inspired. The night’s episode delved into the ways teachers interact with their disabled students. #CPChatNow regular Hannah reacted to this.

#CPChatNow participants discuss their teachers and the levels of expectation they possess for disabled students. While Hannah couldn’t relate directly to what happens in the episode, she shared a similar experience and the emotional impact said situation created. Emotions discussed soon transitioned from hurt to fear thanks to chat regular Jen.

Jen wants to discuss fears, a notion seconded by Blemi.Here the previously mentioned aging with cerebral palsy subject arose.

#CPChatNow participants discuss the possibility of losing mobility as they age. Amidst the sharing and peer learning Maysoon offered some well needed positivity.

Maysoon recommends yoga to help combat aging with cerebral palsy. Hamda seconds the suggestion sharing a list of yoga resources. Hamda supported Maysoon’s yoga suggestion, linking to a resource list for adaptive yoga. Checkout the list, courtesy American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine. Maybe you will discover something worthwhile to you.

Answer for this week's extend-the-conversation question "Is there a topic you would like to see Speechless address in the show that they have yet to address?"However before viewing the list, remember to answer the extend-the-conversation question. “Is there a topic you would like to see Speechless address in its show that they have yet to address?” Reply below in the “Comments” section.

Thank you for your interest in #CPChatNow. I look forward to tweeting you tonight.



#CPChatNow Recap- 03-29-2017

Some cheers likely rang out in the #CPChatNow community when flipping the calendar from March to April. Just my speculation as #CPChatNow co-host Zachary Fenell. Pretty ironic though, given March’s designation as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. Still I possess reason behind my postulation.

Seemingly every week in March participants joined in seeking to escape from rough and tiring seven days. Same held true for our final March 2017 Twitter chat.

Zachary Fenell tries to reroute #CPChatNow from going down the rough, tired road another week.

As the above shows, Jen possessed good cause to feel tired. A tornado touched down in her town! Thankfully everyone she knew remained safe. Finding comfort in that fact, the Twitter chat progressed forward.

Both interim co-host Devin Axtman and myself spurred dialogue mentioning posts we found on The Mighty website. Actually his share “Why I Am Studying to Be a Physical Therapist with Cerebral Palsy” inspired my share.

Zachary Fenell shares an article questioning the narrative often seen with disability related prom stories.You can read the piece yourself, “The Problem with Those Prom Stories About People with Disabilities.” The idea to change narratives requires addressing how the mainstream media portrays life with a disability. Those in our community pointed out multiple problems with the current status quo portrayal.

#CPChatNow participants share their mainstream media pet peeves with regards to how the media portrays life with a disability.Habit to pity, inspirational undertones, and fitting us into a cookie cutter news template only marked a few pet peeves highlighted. Regular Hannah Pike spoke up, hitting upon a quite frustrating topic.

Hannah gets frustrated with how the media makes disability seem like an issue exclusively impacting kids.Maybe you agree with Hannah. You too growing irritated watching the media make disability appear a stand alone issue impacting children. Or, perhaps something different peeves you. Let us know! Answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question, “What is your biggest pet peeve of how the mainstream media portrays disability?” Leave your response in the “Comments” section.

Going back to the 29th, Hannah’s response segued to a conversation discussing aging. Regular Jocelyn playing a pivotal role in transitioning subjects, noting CP’s long-term effects on the body. A real concern despite cerebral palsy’s technical non-progressive status.

#CPChatNow discuss aging with cerebral palsy.Like the above screenshot reveals, I am hoping to organize an aging with cerebral palsy focus chat for May. Make sure you stay tuned for such an announcement, along with our April focus chat announcement. The latter should arrive imminently. Not this week, but probably next week.

This week's extend-the-conversation question asks "What is your biggest pet peeve of how the mainstream media portrays disability?" Answer in the "Comments" section.Distract from the building anticipation regarding our upcoming focus chats. Remember to answer the extend-the-conversation question.

“What is your biggest pet peeve of how the mainstream media portrays disability?”

Reply in the “Comments” section. Tweet you soon.