#CPChatNow Recap- Having A Disability and Dating/Being a Part of the LGBTQ+ Community

This week’s #CPChatNow focus chat focused on “Having a Disability and Dating/Being a Part of the LGBTQ+ Community”!  I am #CPChatNow interim co-host Devin Axtman, and I will be the conductor on this week’s recap of our Twitter chat.

#CPChatNow community member, Yasmin, led the chat from the UK!  We thank Yasmin for her efforts and for openly sharing her experiences.

Yasmin sparked the chat’s dialogue by disclosing that she identifies as asexual and how she learned about the term.

Yasmin also disclosed that she identifies as Aromanitc.


Yasmin reported her identity was a gradual process that took awhile to sink in.

 yasmin ‏@yas8900 Jan 25 More Q1. I'm Asexual and Aromantic, Q2. I don't date. #CPChatNow 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Reply Retweet Like Zachary Fenell ‏@zacharyfenell Jan 25 More At what age did you realize this @yas8900? Did you first fear something was

Yasmin really sparked the conversation with common misconceptions around those who identify as asexual.


#CPChatNow member Jen talked about how she feels misconceptions of the disability community and dating start.


Finally, #CPChatNow members Alena and Erin talked about their climbing and skiing skills!

Alena Brand Tweet: Hey guys! Sorry I've been really busy! #CPChatNow Image of Alena Rockclimbing

alena brand ‏@AlenaBrand Jan 25 More Next month for adapted rec we're going skiing so I'm really excited about that! #cpchatnow I've never been skiing 2 replies 0 retweets 2 likes Reply 2 Retweet Like 2 EMDeerx Muse ‏@emdeerx Following More @AlenaBrand Downhill skiing is a blast. I just got home from Utah a week ago. #CPChatNow 5:28 PM - 26 Jan 2017 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

Thank you for riding along with me during this recap.  Now for our extend-the-conversation question:

What are some misconceptions surrounding the disability community and dating? EXTEND-THE-CONVERSATION-QUESTION
What are some misconceptions surrounding the disability community and dating?  Please share in the comments!

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#CPChatNow Recap- 01-18-2017

Cerebral palsy’s presence during daily activities proved a common theme throughout our live Twitter chat Wednesday, January 18th, 2017. I am #CPChatNow co-host Zachary Fenell and you know why I am here. To recap our latest Twitter chat!

Every week #CPChatNow seems to gain new or renewed interest. Amanda, a familiar face to our long-term community members, returned and sparked much dialogue. First, she asked everyone to share a highlight and struggle from the past week.

Amanda suggests everyone shares one struggle and one triumph from the past week.Some people’s struggles demonstrated the previously mentioned theme, CP’s presence during daily activities. Blemi for example called attention to the difficulties winter brings.

Blemi accomplishment is overcoming the struggle of snow and ice, not falling!Meanwhile Sarah Waltz‘s struggle dealt with CP on an emotional level. Specifically, she sought empathy.

Sarah struggles to find empathy from her teachers.Other answers remained lighthearted and provided a laugh or two. My interim co-host Devin Axtman supplied such.

#CPChatNow met interim co-host Devin spilling water on himself at work with both humor and empathy.Certain answers transcended the cerebral palsy community. My own struggle I am sure many could relate. Time management stands an issue for able-bodied and disabled alike.

Co-host Zachary shares his challenge and triumph for the week.A couple individuals shared weight loss as their weekly triumphs. That led relative newcomer Jen Coventry to seek out exercise advice.

Jennifer wants to know what you do to exercise. If you want to read the article I recommended, awesome! Checkout “Exercises To Try At Home For People With Disabilities.” Hopefully you also find the post helpful.

As the chat continued physical activity stayed a hot topic. Amanda asked opinions on requests she received to film her walk. Said dialogue turned to seeing yourself walk.

Zachary says he used to find watching himself walk on video weird.Blemi compares how she feels walking to an episode of Friends.Like someone walking, let us keep this conversation moving forward. Answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question “Do you feel self-conscious about your walk?” Leave your response in the “Comments” section.

Overall our January 18th Twitter chat featured riveting dialogue. Looking ahead to tonight’s chat, riveting dialogue promises to become a trend. Last week I confirmed tonight our own Yasmin will lead us in a focus chat.

This month our own Yasmin will lead a focus chat on "Having a Disability and Dating/Being a Part of the LGBTQ+ Community"Personally I am eager to learn tonight. You too?! Allow me to make suggestions to help you pass the time until 8pm ET. The #CPChatNow t-shirt and winter apparel sale ends in five days.

Zachary gives a FYI about the current #CPChatNow t-shirt and winter apparel sale.Explore the sale and order your #CPChatNow gear. Proceeds go to the nonprofit Keep On Keeping On Foundation. Prior to shopping though, remember to answer the extend-the-conversation question.

"Do you feel self-conscious about your walk?" Answer to keep the conversation going!

Keep the conversation going!

“Do you feel self-conscious about your walk?”

Respond with a comment below. Finally, I wish to remind you tomorrow Thursday, January 26th we will hold our monthly Google Hangouts video chat. To inquire about receiving an invitation to the event please contact Devin Axtman or myself on Twitter by DM. Tweet you later!




#CPChatNow Recap- 01-11-2017

Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech and accessibility remained among popular topics discussed during #CPChatNow Wednesday, January 18th, 2017. I am co-host Zachary Fenell here with the highlights. Enjoy the following.

Shortly after our usual Wednesday evening greetings, community regular Hamda Jamal turned our attention to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech. Specifically she retweeted a reaction to Streep’s speech.

#CPChatNow participants discuss Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech.Like the above screenshot shows reactions addressed the stereotype which views a person with a disability as helpless. A topic we talked about in the past both via our weekly Twitter chats and monthly Google Hangouts. Regarding the latter, interim co-host Devin announced our January 2017 Google Hangout date.

Join #CPChatNow for a video chat via Google Hangouts Thursday, January 26th starting at 8pm ET.Meanwhile I sparked much dialogue by asking a question on accessibility.

Community members of #CPChatNow share what accessibility means to them.Blemi acknowledged many physical barriers to accessibility. Others who answered addressed accessibility more generally.

More #CPChatNow participants share their thoughts on what accessibility means/looks like.Personally, the different responses intrigued me. See, the topic lingered within my mind since I began participating in another disability related Twitter chat, #AXSChat.

Co-host Zachary Fenell explains why he asked about accessibility.Since I am still curious and I am the one writing today’s recap, I am making an executive decision. I declare “What does accessibility mean/look like to you?” the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

Leave your reply in the “Comments” section. Please too share across the disability population. Let us compile responses from a diverse group! The value in reaching across different disability communities emerged while I told others more about #AXSChat.

Co-host Zachary Fenell tells #CPChatNow about #AXSChat.Like Shira, I also agreed with Devin‘s comments “the disability community too often goes into our own corners.” I encourage anyone from #CPChatNow to join #AXSChat (if your schedule allows). #AXSChat takes place Tuesdays at 3pm ET. For more information visit their website, axschat.com.

In the meantime make sure you join #CPChatNow tonight at 8pm ET. We will confirm details for our January focus chat. Additionally double check you marked your calendar for #CPChatNow’s January 2017 Google Hangout Thursday, January 26th. Contact Devin or I to inquire about receiving the invite. Finally, remember to answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

This week's extend-the-conversation question asks "What does accessibility mean/look like to you?"“What does accessibility mean/look like to you?”

Comment below to answer. Thank you for reading the weekly recap.




#CPChatNow Recap- 01-04-2017

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017! Yes, 2017! I am #CPChatNow co-host Zachary Fenell here with highlights from our first Twitter chat in the new year. Our live cerebral palsy Twitter chat happens every Wednesday, starting at 8pm ET. We began the New Year by addressing an issue which emerged to end 2016.

Co-host Zachary Fenell calls attention to an upcoming poll.The poll sought feedback on a suggestion to move #CPChatNow from Wednesday to another night. ABC’s Speechless airing during the chat provided the catalyst for the proposition.

The #CPChatNow community votes to determine if the Twitter chat should be moved to another night.Admittedly for whatever reason the poll only received three votes. Like I previously mentioned though, we also discussed the matter on Facebook and during our December Google Hangout. In our private Facebook group I posted a similar poll which experienced higher interaction. In that poll seven individuals voted. All but one recommending we keep the chat on Wednesdays. Therefore #CPChatNow will continue as a Wednesday evening tradition.

Thank you to everyone who supplied their feedback to the potential scheduling change. Like I tweeted January 4th, I thought the suggestion deserved a community decision. After all, our communal environment enables us to thrive. If you ever possess a suggestion to improve our community, please voice your opinion. You can do so publicly or privately, whatever makes you comfortable. Publicly, our private Facebook group works well. Anyone not yet in the group should click the link above and submit a request to join. Privately, please send a Twitter DM to interim co-host Devin and/or myself.

Your feedback influences our decisions. For example, I announced during the January 4th chat an extension for our t-shirt and winter apparel sale.

You now have until January 30th to order your #CPChatNow t-shirt or winter apparel.Ensure you checkout our Customcat sales page before January 30th! You will find t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, scarves, knit hats, and more available. Proceeds benefit the non-profit Keep On Keeping On Foundation.

Now outside decision making dialogue, we enjoyed casual chatter. A question I asked regarding siblings sparked much discussion.

#CPChatNow participants discuss their relationships with their siblings.For anyone interested in reading my blog post, indulge “An Older Brother’s Wisdom.” Since my question stirred such a reaction, I thought we should keep the conversation going. Answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question “What would you say are the defining characteristics of your sibling relationships?” Respond by commenting in the “Comments” section.

Another popular topic from January 4th naturally involved New Year resolutions. A blog post from regular Lindsay triggered the subject matter. Click the link to read, “2016 is over now, Hello 2017!

New Year resolutions naturally arose as a topic during #CPChatNow January 4th.Remember to keep your New Year resolutions manageable. Think practical and executable. Perhaps you will resolve to “Stay better connected to the #CPChatNow community by answering the weekly extend-the-conversation question.” In case you adopt the aforementioned, get started right. Answer the following.

This week's extend-the-conversation question asks "What would you say are the defining characteristics of your sibling relationships?" “What would you say are the defining characteristics of your sibling relationships?”

Reply below. Until next time!