Recap Rules

The cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow happens every Wednesday evening from 8pm to 10pm ET. A co-host or another community member will compile highlights from each chat into a weekly recap. By participating you agree to the following rules.

Recap Rules

The weekly CPChatNow recaps possess three purposes.

  1. Provide a summary for those who missed the chat.
  2. Encourage new people to join the chat by creating a record showcasing CPChatNow’s communal aspects and the meaningful conversations that take place during the chat.
  3. Offer a way (via the extend-the-conversation question) for people not on Twitter to contribute to the discussion.

Criteria considered when selecting highlights include the following.

  • Does the dialogue demonstrate the helpful, supportive, and/or familial environment CPChatNow supplies?
  • Does the conversation stimulate different/new ways to think about a topic?
  • Does the chatter represent a dominant subject matter from the evening?

Tweets are deemed fair game to use in the recap UNLESS they meet these exceptions.

  • Participant has Twitter account set to private.
  • Tweets focus on sensitive life events, such as relationship matters and/or family problems.
  • Participant requests tweet(s) not be included in the recap.