#CPChatNow Recap- Community Service Focus Chat

Happy Wednesday!

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Guess who? No this isn’t Zach. It’s your other #CPChatNow co-pilot Blake Henry. I am excited to bring you the recap from the community service focus chat I led last week.

The live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat gives our community a reason to get excited about Wednesdays. This past week my expertise shined as I facilitated a focus chat on community service.

The focus chat provided an opportunity to learn more about Community Service & Community Advocacy.

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Personally I found learning more about community service an engaging and rewarding experience. After all while cerebral palsy creates commonalities within our community. Community service can be done by anyone in a wide variety of fields and brings out the best in people.

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Human nature dictation decrees we each maintain the ability to make the world around us a better place. My mission is to continue making the world a better place one action at a time, you can get involved in the mission too! I left the community with several resources and thought provoking questions to get us involved.

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A lot of times we get to a volunteer site and we are surprised by a number of things, whether that is seeing friends we were not expecting or the impact is greater than expected. Many had a lot to say.


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Erin Answers Question 4

Zach Answers Question 4

Lastly, do not forget about our Google Hangout this week on Thursday.

Google Hangout Reminder

Sure, not all attempts to make the world a better place will be positive. Yet if your actions just help one person, you made an impact in that community. Thus let me ask as this week’s extend-the-conversation question,

“Describe a person youve encountered in the community who made a strong impression on you, positive or negative ”

Describe a person you've encountered in the community who made a strong impression on you, positive or negative."

Answer by leaving a comment in the “Comments” section.

Answer by commenting below. Maybe our different answers will even conjure others to seek out opportunities in your volunteer organization!

Community Guru,



One thought on “#CPChatNow Recap- Community Service Focus Chat

  1. My first advisor for Key Club (a high school community service organization) made a huge impact on me in a positive way. I was shy and timid when entering high school and I went to club carnival and found Key Club and instantly fell in love. Over the years the advisor continued to mentor me inside and outside the organization. I contribute my success to her positive reinforcement and willingness to help me succeed.


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