#CPChatNow Recap- 04-13-2016

Inclusive education and advocating for accessibility remained the main topics discussed during the April 13th #CPChatNow. Hi! Delayed greetings again from co-host Zachary Fenell. At least by now you know to expect the weekly recap mere hours before the next chat. A pattern I plan to change very soon.

Enough opening banter though! Let us look back at the prior week’s Twitter chat. I actually guest hosted a different Twitter chat the previous day. On Tuesday, April 12th I received the opportunity to ask teachers questions courtesy the inclusive education chat #iechat. Afterwards I decided to re-phrase my questions so I could ask them during #CPChatNow too.

April 12th's #IEchat questions re-worked for #CPChatNow discussion.The discussion led to reminiscing about old assistive technology no longer used.

Do you remember alpha smarts?My co-host Blake Henry raised an important point when answering the third inclusive education question.

Blake brings up the importance of learning styles.Blake’s comment transitions us to today’s extend-the-conversation question. “How would you describe your learning style?” Answer in the “Comments” section!

Additionally, as noted earlier, advocating for accessibility grew to become a popular topic last Wednesday.

#CPChatNow brainstorms ideas to help community member advocate for accessibility.Personally I think Hannah’s frustrating situation spotlights the importance for our community. She can come and vent to people who actually understand the situation. Plus we help each other out, aiming to create change. Ultimately we provide emotional support and practical advice. Quite the duo!

Feel free to join in and reap our fruits. #CPChatNow takes place on Twitter every Wednesday starting at 8pm ET. For those not on Twitter, Blake and I continue to provide opportunities for you to participate in our community. We share cerebral palsy stories daily on our Facebook fan page. Like the page and interact with what we share!

How would you describe your learning style?

Join the conversation and answer in the “Comments” section!

The weekly extend-the-conversation question also supplies opportunity to partake in our community. So make sure you answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question. “How would you describe your learning style?”

Again answer in the “Comments” section.

As always thank you for reading the recap and for your interest in #CPChatNow.





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