#CPChatNow Recap- Creative Outlets and Their Mental Health Benefits Focus Chat

Cerebral palsy, while largely a physical disability, maintains mental health implications. Those remained on full display during #CPChatNow Wednesday, August 17th. I am co-host Zachary Fenell here to bring you highlights from our “Creative Outlets and How They Help with Mental Health” focus chat.

As the clock ticked closer to 8:00pm ET, anticipation built.

Anticipation builds for #CPChatNow's "Creative Outlets and How They Benefit Mental Health" focus chat.Our guest Danielle Kerani counts down the minutes until our focus chat.To begin the chat our guest Danielle Kerani (@AKKerani) introduced herself.

Danielle Kerani introduces herself.Once Danielle asked the first question, the many creative outlets available became evident.

Danielle Kerani's first question revealed the many available creative outlets that possess therapeutic benefits..The various creative outlets proves a positive, especially for us in the cerebral palsy community. Like my comment about drawing illustrates (pun intended), CP can transform relaxing outlets into cause for stress. Hence the importance to finding the right creative outlet for you!

Discovering the correct outlet may lead to multiple benefits too. One community member Yasmin named a great example.

Dancing offers multiple therapeutic benefits to the cerebral palsy community.Moving forward question three expanded the dialogue past creative outlets to therapeutic outlets in general.

Question three discusses therapeutic outlets in general.Some within the #CPChatNow community look to books for therapeutic release.Now what about you? Answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question, “What outlets in general do you turn to for therapy?” Leave a comment in the “Comments” section to answer.

First though, perhaps we should continue with the recap. Danielle’s thought provoking questions kept our community thinking all chat long. She even challenged us to think about the topic in innovative fashion.

Question five asks if mental health is more of a collective or individual pursuit.However, not everyone said individual. Actually, I argued mental health stands a pursuit which entails both options.

Zachary argues mental health is both a collective and individual pursuit.Continued chatter raised a critical aspect to mental health.

Danielle Kerani's sixth question asks about how many creative outlets you utilize.Danielle explains the importance of having multiple outlets.Wisdom that deserves repeating, “Anxiety is versatile. So must we be.” Keep this in mind when battling your anxiety and doubts. Or, when helping others combat threats to their mental health.

The final question of the night involved how we can help others invest in their own mental health.Jocelyn agrees with Zachary we can encourage others to invest in mental health by being a friend, listening, and offering suggestions when appropriate.Finally, to conclude today’s recap I on behalf the #CPChatNow community wish to thank Danielle Kerani for joining us August 17th. I recommend following her on Twitter at @AKKerani. For more about her and her business visit http://akkerani.com.

With gratitude,

This week's extend-the-conversation question asks "What outlets in general do you turn to for therapy?"P.S. I almost forgot to remind you. Answer the extend-the-conversation question. “What outlets in general do you turn to for therapy?”

Simply comment below with your response.


2 thoughts on “#CPChatNow Recap- Creative Outlets and Their Mental Health Benefits Focus Chat

  1. “What outlets in general do you turn to for therapy?”

    Painting, going to the gym, biking with a friend, going to church, journaling, playing with my dogs, calling my mom, and more.

    Journaling really helps to get out my feelings. I also see a counselor bi-weekly.


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