#CPChatNow Recap- Maximizing Productivity Focus Chat

Maximizing productivity stood #CPChatNow’s objective Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016. I am co-host Zachary Fenell, back at long last with our weekly recaps. The day before Thanksgiving our own Hamda Jamal led us in a focus chat about maximizing productivity.

Hamda’s first question set the tone for an informed conversation. Informative dialogue begins with understanding the topic at hand. That requires defining key concepts.

Hamda asks, "How do you define productivity?"Perhaps the most precise definition came from Maysoon Zayid.

Maysoon Zayid gives her defintion of productivity.Follow-up questions from Hamda allowed us to recognize varying factors which impact productivity levels. Different community members identified different factors. This created a comprehensive overview.

Hamda asks "What factors effect your productivity?"Later in the evening Hamda asked a question relating cerebral palsy to maximizing productivity. Participants found various connections between the two.

Question six from Hamda asks "Do you think CP made you able to get more stuff done in less time and effort?"Zachary finds cerebral palsy helps him maximize productivity.In general answers to Hamda’s questions revealed many insights into maximizing productivity. Her last question for the night directly invited participants to share their own productivity tips.

Hamda invites #CPChatNow participants to share their own productivity tips.Should we keep the advice coming? Let us designate Hamda’s last question as the week’s extend-the-conversation question. Answer “Do you have any productivity tip you would like to share?”

Leave your reply in the “Comments” section. In addition to the advice shared in question eight answers, my co-host Blake Henry stimulated useful chatter. Specifically, Blake sought advice on performing a task you might not exactly want to perform.

Blake seeks advice on staying positive performing a task you might not want to perform.Another question Blake asked involved naming obstacles to maximizing productivity.

Blake asks about the hardest challenge involved in maximizing productivity.All in all our Twitter chat Wednesday, November 23rd proved a success. Hopefully today’s recap continues the trend. By reading you picked up some tips for maximizing your productivity. Remember to leave a tip too! Answer the extend-the-conversation question.

Answer this week's extend-the-conversation question "Do you have any productivity tip you would like to share?"

Answer the extend-the-conversation question in the “Comments” section.

“Do you have any productivity tip you would like to share?”

Comment below to respond. Thank you for reading and for your maintained interest in #CPChatNow. Consider showing your support for #CPChatNow by wearing #CPChatNow apparel. Recently we launched a t-shirt and winter apparel sale at Custom Cat. Sale proceeds will benefit the non-profit Keep On Keeping On (KOKO) Foundation. Checkout the sale and learn more about KOKO.

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