#CPChatNow Recap- 1-10-2017

This past week in #CPChatNow was eventful as always.  Members discussed the benefits of warmer weather, frustrations about obtaining a new doctor, and the lift that an unexpected gift from a friend can offer.  This is #CPChatNow Co-Host, Devin Axtman, taking you along on this week’s recap.

This week opened up with Rachel and Zach tweeting their gratitude that the weather is warming up and joking they now feel like they are 70 instead of 80:

Zach and Rachel tweeting their gratitude about warmer weather and that the warmer weather makes they feel 70 instead of the normal 80

Zach next shared a common concern that many people with disabilities face, changing insurance and finding a new doctor:

Zach tweeting about anxiety regarding a change in insurance and a new doctor

Next, Hamda talked about difficulties with adjusting to using a wheelchair for long periods.  Hannah and I talked with her about our decision process on when to use our chairs.  I talked about how using my chair depends on the distance I will be walking and Hannah tweeted about how it depends on the terrain of the place she is walking:

Hamda, Hannah, and I talking about our decision process for using our wheelchairs

Finally, Hannah talked about a friend that helped keep her company during doctor’s appointments.  Talk then turned to the all-too-common phrase, “Let me know if you need anything!” and if people really mean it:

Hannah talking about gratitude of a friend keeping her company. Zach and I talked about the meaningless nature of the phrase "Let me know if you need anything"

This brings us to our extend-The-conversation question: What is an example of a friend doing a helpful thing you did not expect?

Be sure to join us each Wednesday on Twitter at 8 Eastern time for more fun!

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One thought on “#CPChatNow Recap- 1-10-2017

  1. To answer this week’s question all I need to do is think back to last October and the marathon I did. My friends Ado and Kevin came to see me finish but I was three hours behind my expected time. So what do they do? They walk out to find me and finish the marathon with me!


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