#CPChatNow Recap- 12-26-2019

Christmas 2019 came and went Wednesday, December 25th, but the celebratory mood continued into the weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow Thursday, December 26th. To officially close out the year for our community, I am chat co-host Zachary Fenell. Recapping the year’s 52nd and final chat seems the most fitting way to do this.

Long-time chat regular, “The Positivity Princess,” Linds helped to get the dialogue off to a cheery start.

Linds shares her exciting news!

After three years patiently waiting, Linds received her “most longtime coming gift.” A paralegal job in Cedar Rapids! Once again, congratulations Linds!

Keeping the conversation personal, participants reflected on their respective 2019s.

Participants in #CPChatNow describe their 2019s in one word.

I asked people to describe their 2019 in one word. My co-host Devin Axtman answered, saying “transformative.” Devin further explained his choice in words saying 2019 saw him enjoy “lots of good life changes.” Unfortunately, not everyone could say the same.

Hannah honestly describes her 2019 as "heartbreaking."

Beloved community member Hannah replied honestly, saying she would describe 2019 as “heartbreaking.” The year brought “a downward spiral of bad things” not just for Hannah but the people she loves. At the same time, Hannah acknowledged throughout the year she did enjoy “some pretty spectacular moments.” Moments she will never forget.

Looking to keep the dialogue positive, allow me to ask as the week’s extend-the-conversation question, “On December 31st, 2020 when you look back on your year, what word will you use to describe it?” Reply to this post to answer.

First though, let us finish seeing off 2019. Besides personal matters, our community conducted a year in review for cerebral palsy in general.

The #CPChatNow community recalls their most memorable cerebral palsy related stories of 2019.

Participants recalled memorable cerebral palsy related stories. Personally, I named a negative remembering Speechless‘ cancellation. Thankfully other community members offered positive memories. Jeni mentioned the little boys with CP who tag-teamed the role Tiny Tim in a Broadway production of A Christmas Carol. Meanwhile long-time chat regular Blemi highlighted Netflix’s new series Special.

Hopefully stories like the ones Jeni and Blemi reference foreshadow greater progress for the cerebral palsy community in 2020. Remember to forecast your own 2020 by answering the week’s extend-the-conversation question. “On December 31st, 2020 when you look back on your year, what word will you use to describe it?”

This week's extend-the-conversation questions asks on December 31st, 2020 when you look back on your year, what word will you use to describe it?

Answer below! Then help us kick off the New Year by joining our first #CPChatNow in 2020 Thursday, January 2nd at 8pm ET.

Until then, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!



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