#CPChatNow Recap- 05-20-2020

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 saw participants in the weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow discuss many different topics. To tell you all about the various discussions, I am chat co-host Zachary Fenell. Welcome to your weekly recap!

Admittedly the night started off on the quiet side. Knowing sometimes people like to lurk, I asked lurkers to say hi. That led to a good laugh.

Zachary and Heather joke about creepy GIFs.

Following up my tweet asking lurkers to say hi, I explained I originally wanted to ask lurkers to tweet out a creepy GIF, but I did not want to affiliate lurking with being creepy. Responding to me, Heather tweeted a GIF which received a seal of approval via a couple likes.

With any ice needing breaking, broke the conversation began flowing. Chat regular Seth mentioned some disability related movies.

#CPChatNow discuss the films 37 Seconds and Margarita with a Straw.

In-particular Seth referenced seeing two interesting films recently, 37 Seconds and Margarita with a Straw. My co-host Devin Axtman said he enjoyed Margarita with a Straw. He described the film as “a very nuanced story.”

Meanwhile I said I did not know about the films. Seth educated me, explaining both essentially tell the same story. A young woman with CP discovering her sexuality. Adding, between the two, he liked Margarita with a Straw better.

Elsewhere in the chat, I echoed a question first asked earlier in the day by Chris.

#CPChatNow participants discuss their stiffness varying.

Chris had asked if others find their stiffness varies. Grace resoundingly responded affirmatively. When asked, Grace named activity, weather, and date as possible triggers for increased stiffness. Thanks to muscle relaxants though, Grace said the issue proves less constant.

How about you? Let us keep the dialogue going. Answer as the week’s extend-the-conversation question “How do you manage when you feel extra stiff?” Comment to answer!

Continuing forward with the May 20th, 2020 recap, participants also discussed shaving.

The #CPChatNow community discusses shaving and cerebral palsy.

The shaving subject came to the forefront when I asked if anyone had stories about trouble shaving. Personally I use to cut my ears while shaving, a happening I credited to poor depth perception. Nonetheless, over time I just got better.

Additionally, Tonia shared a shaving story. She recalled shaving a razor-sized chunk of skin off her shin when 11 years old. She still has a scar to this day.

Finally, before bringing this recap to a close I wish to incorporate an update from long-time chat regular Hannah Pike.

Zachary shares an update about one of our OG members, Hannah Pike.

Hannah messaged me during the chat and gave me permission to share with the community an update about her. Beyond what remains captured in the above screen shot, Hannah wanted to express she still truly loves the chat. However, given her health she finds staying on Twitter for long periods difficult. Please continue to keep Hannah in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, do not forget to answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question. This week’s question asks, “How do you manage when you feel extra stiff?” Answer below!

Then join us each and every Wednesday on Twitter. The fun starts at 8pm ET. Until then, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!


This week's extend-the-conversation question asks, "How do you manage when you feel extra stiff?"
Leave your answer below.

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