#CPChatNow Recap- 09-15-2021

Celebratory and reflective vibes emanated from the weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow Wednesday, September 15th, 2021. Allow me, chat co-host Zachary Fenell, tell you more via your weekly recap. Let the celebration begin!

Early on in the evening I offered a reason to celebrate by sharing some good news.

Zachary shares the news of his new job!

September 15th marked the night before my last day at Beachwood Public Library. Participants congratulated me as I shared I would soon begin as a branch services clerk at the South Euclid Public Library. Along with the congratulations came curiosity.

Zachary details some of the responsibilities his new position entails.

My co-host Devin Axtman asked me about the differences in my new position. All the discussion about my new job led long-time chat regular Blemi to make an observation.

Blemi comments about how far people in the #CPChatNow community have come since the chat first started.

Blemi commented we in the #CPChatNow community have come a long way since the chat’s beginnings. Her comment reminded me that December will mark our eight-year anniversary! Said realization inspired me to ask a question.

Devin answers what advice he would give his pre-CPChatNow self.
Blemi shares what advice she would give her pre-CPChatNow self.

Getting creative, I asked participants what advice or wisdom their 2021 self would give their pre-CPChatNow self. Devin responded “You can’t hurry love.” Meanwhile Blemi replied “Be patient and enjoy what you have instead of always living for the future.”

What about you? Keep the conversation going and answer for the week’s extend-the-conversation question “What wisdom or advice would your 2021 self give your pre-CPChatNow self?”

Leave your reply in the comments! Afterwards set a reminder to join us on Twitter each and every Wednesday. The party begins at 8pm ET.

Until then, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!


This week's extend-the-conversation question asks "What wisdom or advice would your 2021 self give your pre-CPChatNow self?"
Answer below!

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