#CPChatNow Recap- 2/9/2022

This past week in #CPChatNow was popping as always. Members discussed their favorite sport, which body parts are most impacted by their spasticity, and Zach discussed his new book! I’m your co-host, Devin Axtman. Strap in for the #CPChatNow recap! All aboard!

First, I would like to recognize progress on Zach’s new book about his efforts towards becoming a marathoner. Zach announced that the proof copies of his book are almost ready:

zach announced he is a positive mood because he should have proof copies of his next book ordered

Sports were a big topic with the Super Bowl coming up. Members discussed their favorite sports with Chris talking about racing and its commitment to accessibility:

stepehen asked members what their favorite sport is, chris tweeted her favorite sport is racing

Finally, members discussed the parts of their body that are most impacted by spasticity and what they do to cope.

zach asked what parts of people's bodies are most impacted by spasticity, i tweet easily my legs and i cope by stretching, zach tweets his hamstrings and right ankle are most impacted and that he copes by stretching, being conscious of his movements, and baclofen
hannah tweets her legs are most impacted and she tweets with muscle relaxers and knowing when to use a mobility aid along with allowing naps
heather tweets the bigger muscles are impacted and she copes by swearing

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question: What is your favorite life hack to help cope with your CP? Please share your answers in the comments and join us each Wednesday at 8 Eastern at #CPChatNow on Twitter.



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