Celebrating Nine Years of Community!

Happy birthday to everyone in the #CPChatNow community! Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 marked nine years since our first ever Twitter chat. Hence my, #CPChatNow co-founder and co-host Zachary Fenell, reference to December 3rd as our chat’s, “birthday.” Somebody else might prefer the traditional term, “anniversary.” No matter the terminology used, you will probably agree nine years together remains an occasion to celebrate.

Such a celebration has occurred over the last month too. Despite my co-host Devin Axtman and I not getting out our weekly recaps, the chat continues to meet each Wednesday on Twitter, 8pm ET. On Wednesday, November 23rd I mentioned the upcoming nine-year milestone.

Zachary and Chris are wowed by the fact #CPChatNow has been around for nine years.

The fact nine years has passed since our community’s first chat, wowed an enthusiastic fixture in our community, Chris. Reacting to the milestone, Chris tweeted, “9!?!?! Omg! I guess it has been, but wow!” Retweeting Chris’s response, I thanked everyone who has given our community staying power. Those individuals include both long-time community members and new faces. One new face in-particular shared his own #CPChatNow milestone.

#CPChatNow celebrates Stephen's one year anniversary as part of the community.

During the chat Wednesday, November 16th Stephen reminisced about being a part of #CPChatNow for one year. Belonging to our community can prove transformative. A notion supported by conversation held during our weekly chat Wednesday, November 30th.

Zachary asks #CPChatNow participants to fill in the blank and answer, "Thanks to #CPChatNow, I am more (blank)."
Zachary and Devin discuss further ways #CPChatNow has impacted their lives.

With December 3rd approaching, I asked the community to fill in the blank and answer, “Thanks to #CPChatNow, I am more _____.” Devin replied, saying our community has made him more, “confident in my disability identity.” Devin would go on to discuss how #CPChatNow has allowed us to meet, “super cool people that have done stuff with CP,” and “meet people (with CP) all over the country and even the world.”

What about you? Keep the conversation going, and fill in the blank. “Thanks to #CPChatNow, I am more ________.” Even if you do not participate in the actual Twitter chat, feel free to answer. If you read the recaps, you are part of our community. Let us know what about the recaps keeps bringing you back.

Beyond celebrating the past nine years, our community took time to contemplate our future.

Zachary asks participants if they have any concerns about Twitter's future.

Jen answers if she has any concerns about Twitter's new ownership.

Considering Twitter serves as our main platform and 2022 saw a big change in Twitter’s ownership, on Wednesday, November 9th I asked members if anyone had concerns about the platform’s future. Both Chris and Jen expressed concern Twitter will cost money to use. Chris added he, “joined Mastodon just in case Twitter stops being free to use.”

Though, as long as Twitter stays free, you can count on joining us each and every Wednesday on the platform. The fun starts at 8pm ET. Before then, remember to answer the extend-the-conversation question, “Thanks to #CPChatNow, I am more ______.” Fill in the blank below!

Until next time, don’t blend in. Blend out!


Fill in the blank to answer the extend-the-conversation question, "Thanks to #CPChatNow, I am more ______."


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