#CPChatNow Recap- 01-25-2023

Every Wednesday people gather on Twitter to participate in the cerebral palsy (CP) Twitter chat #CPChatNow. Afterwards, my co-host Devin Axtman or I, Zachary Fenell, collect highlights to provide you a weekly recap. Below you will find the recap for the Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 chat. Welcome!

Our chat January 25th, 2023 started on an upbeat note.

Stephen starts the chat on an upbeat note by sharing exciting news.

Stephen, an enthusiastic member in our community, shared he will soon switch his days at the Exceptional Foundation. The change has Stephen excited. Exciting news always remains better when you have someone to share the news with. Or, in our case, a community to share the news with.

On a larger community scale, conversation turned to different issues the overall disability community faces.

Devin asks #CPChatNow about any difficulty they have faced flying with a disability.

One such issue includes air travel. Devin brought up the topic by retweeting Emily Ladau‘s tweet featuring a story VICE News did. Checkout the piece for yourself.

Within Devin’s retweet, he asked if anyone has had difficulty with air travel. Replying to his own question, Devin recalled, “Once my tire got stuck in an airport door and separated from the wheelchair rim. Luckily some passengers helped.” Meanwhile I expressed how connecting flights make me nervous because I worry about missing the connection.

Another topic discussed January 25th, 2023 I raised.

Devin and Zachary discuss accommodations they received in school for fire drills.

Thinking back to my school days, I asked the chat if anyone received advanced notice before a fire drill. Devin answered, “I did, but always wondered how practical it was.” Adding, “In a real one I wouldn’t.” Sentiments I responded to with a resounding, “Exactly!”

Although, I went on to note my IEP team worked to minimize needing to use the stairs during an emergency by keeping my classes on the first floor whenever possible. What about you? Answer for today’s extend-the-conversation question, “In school how did your IEP team plan for potential emergencies, like a fire?” Tell us in the comments!

Afterwards, set yourself a reminder to join us each and every Wednesday on Twitter. The fun starts at 8pm ET.

Until then, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!


Answerer for the extend-the-conversation question, "In school how did your IEP team plan for potential emergencies, like a fire?"

Answer below!