#CPChatNow Recap- 11-30-2016

Activity within our #CPChatNow community enjoyed the spotlight during the November 30th, 2016 Twitter chat. Although, we still discussed consequential cerebral palsy issues. Both subject types I, co-host Zachary Fenell, plan to highlight in the following recap.

First though, allow me to apologize for the delayed recap. Other timely tasks prevented me from completing this before our December 7th, 2016 chat. Expect to see that recap early next week. For now we concentrate on the happenings from November 30th.

The internal focus started with our December 2016 Google Hangout announcement.

Announcement for #CPChatNow's December 2016 Google HangoutIn 2014 and 2015 we used the December Hangout as a year end reflection. The tradition returns this year. Think about our growth as a community and what you might want to see from us in the future.

2016 stands out arguably as our best year yet. #CPChatNow shirts going from idea to tangible product proving a main highlight. My co-host Blake Henry and I want to show that off too.

Zachary seeks photos of community members in their #CPChatNow shirts.Besides showing off our shirts, the new promotional imagery will emphasize what makes the #CPChatNow community thrive. You! Please send me your photo via direct message on Twitter. Or, send in a message to the Facebook fan page.

Continuing on, the above dialogue branched off to discuss our current shirt sale.

Participants discuss the current #CPChatNow t-shirt and winter apparel sale.Hannah seeks advice on what color hoodie she should purchase.As the aforementioned shows, our current sale offers many options. Make sure to visit the #CPChatNow T-Shirt and Winter Apparel sales page to checkout what you like best. The sale ends Friday, December 23rd. Remember shirt profits go to non-profit Keep On Keeping On Foundation.

Eventually the chatter expanded beyond announcements and #CPChatNow apparel. Shira Sadiky sparked the transition with an intriguing question.

Shira asks "What are the best and worst times your body has treated you to?"Participants share the best and worst times their bodies have treated them to.How about we keep the answers coming? Let us make Shira’s question the day’s extend-the-conversation question. Answer “What are the worst and best times your body has treated you to?”

Answer this week's extend-the-conversation question.Leave your response in the “Comments” section below.

Thank you for reading and for your continued interest in #CPChatNow. I will return in the coming days with the recap for December 7th. Until then!



#CPChatNow Recap- 08-03-2016

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 proved an eventful night for us in the #CPChatNow community. Hi, co-host Zachary Fenell here risking Saturday school with a severely tardy recap. Please allow me to explain.

So, my dog ate my Twitter account. Just kidding (obviously)! Actually bad storms knocked out my power all day last Wednesday (August 10th). Therefore I could not complete the recap before the August 10th chat. Fear not, though! For your viewing pleasure the recaps for both August 3rd and August 10th will go up in the next 24 hours. This assuming no more power outages.

Early conversation August 3rd supplied reason for gratitude and positivity.

A health scare for #CPChatNow regular Lindsay supplied reason for gratitude and positivity.Anticipation built too as I promised to reveal our August 2016 focus chat details.

Anticipation builds for #CPChatNow's August 2016 focus chat announcement.Shira went on to ease the announcement wait by igniting dialogue.

If possible, would you want to cure cerebral palsy in newborns?That question led to another one.

How old were you when CP started playing a role in your personality?Lindsay on what age she noticed her cerebral palsy.Zachary on when he first noticed his cerebral palsy. Overall learning how to handle differences requires strong mental health. The topic our August focus chat will cover!

Danielle Kerani (@AKKerani) joins #CPChatNow August 17th for a focus chat on creativity as an outlet for mental health.Zachary tells a little about August's focus chat leader Danielle Kerani (@AKKerani).Go ahead and visit akkernai.com to familiarize yourself with Danielle (@AKKerani). Also note the focus chat happens TOMORROW! I hope you can join in. The chat begins at 8pm ET.

In the meantime let me finish recapping the August 3rd Twitter chat. An additional highlight from the dialogue examined cerebral palsy’s best and worst parts.

What are the best and worst parts of cerebral palsy?Shall we keep the answers going? Answer as the August 3rd extend-the-conversation question, “What are the best and worst parts of cerebral palsy?”

What are the best and worst parts of cerebral palsy?Answer by commenting below!

I’ll return soon with the August 10th recap. Until then!