#CPChatNow Recap- Community Through Strength Focus Chat

Special guest Heaven Ramsey joined #CPChatNow Wednesday, December 14th to lead our “Strength Through Community” focus chat. I am co-host Zachary Fenell, ready to compile chat highlights into your weekly recap. Enjoy!

Heaven’s credentials as a community leader begins with her Facebook page, “A Stairway to the Stars: Heaven’s Journey with CP.” Over 8,000 people like the page. More importantly, the page provides an active and supportive community. Support proved a key concept discussed throughout the evening.

Heaven asks if you felt alone before social media came along.#CPChatNow community members answer Heaven Ramsey's question about feeling alone.Most participants seemed to empathize with Heaven’s alone sentiment. Although others enjoyed a belonging feeling. What about you? Allow me to rephrase Heaven’s question for the week’s extend-the-conversation question. Answer “Did you feel alone before social media?”

Leave your response in the “Comments” section. First though, let us continue with the recap. My answer to Heaven’s question spurred dialogue revealing a valuable aspect community supplies.

Heaven points out it is important to have a person who understands you.The understanding you find in a community helps relieve the previously mentioned loneliness. Also regarding understanding, #CPChatNow regular Devin sought to better understand Heaven’s goal with her Facebook page.

Heaven answers Devin's question about what her ultimate goal is with her Facebook page.A mentoring program like Heaven aspires to create could reduce loneliness even more. Plus build certain expectations so kids with cerebral palsy growing up can feel increasingly confident towards their futures. Such a demand already exists too. In fact returning participant Sarah demonstrated as much in a tweet.

#CPChatNow participant Sarah seeks advice for starting a conversation with her teacher.Co-host Zachary Fenell gives his suggestion to Sarah.By offering encouraging feedback and practical advice, #CPChatNow empowers participants to better build in-person relationships and communities. Maybe that explains why participants continually profess their admiration for our community.

Sarah professes her admiration for #CPChatNow.Additionally our guest Heaven Ramsey spoke highly about her experiences with us.

Heaven enjoyed her time leading a #CPChatNow focus chat.Come revel in the positive community one Wednesday yourself. #CPChatNow happens every Wednesday from 8pm ET-10pm ET. Tonight we will make a big announcement related to what my co-host Blake Henry posted on the website earlier in the month (read here).

Before then remember to answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question. The question gives those not on Twitter a chance to still participate in our community. The week’s question rephrases a question Heaven asked.

Answer this week's extend-the-conversation question! Leave your response in the "Comments" section.“Did you feel alone before social media?”

Respond in the “Comments” section below. As always thanks for your interest in our community. You allow us to thrive.

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#CPChatNow Recap- 12-07-2016

The first #CPChatNow was a special event with Handicap This' Tim Wambach, John W. Quinn, and Zachary Fenell. Your enthusiasm turned the chat into a weekly deal!

The first #CPChatNow happened back in 2013 during the first week of December.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 marked three years since the first #CPChatNow Twitter chat. I am co-host Zachary Fenell, grateful for you all. You turned a special event with Handicap This‘ Tim Wambach, John W. Quinn, and myself into a weekly chat. Thanks to your participation #CPChatNow blossomed into the awesome community we know today.

Ironically, I failed to acknowledge the three-year anniversary during the December 7th chat. My mind instead focused elsewhere. A subject we fittingly enough discussed later on in the evening. First though, the night started with a tease for our December focus chat.

Zachary promises to reveal details for the December 2016 focus chat at 8:25pm ET.While the minutes ticked away until the focus chat announcement, weather emerged as a popular topic.

Devin and Blemi discuss the winter weather.Given the colder temperatures, dressing warmly remains paramount. So ready those long sleeve shirts, hoodies, hats, and scarves. If you need such apparel, checkout the #CPChatNow t-shirt and winter apparel sale. The sale goes through Friday, December 23rd. Proceeds from the sale benefit the non-profit Keep On Keeping On Foundation. Devin showed off his new #CPChatNow long sleeve shirt.

Devin shares a picture of his new #CPChatNow shirt.Again you can shop the #CPChatNow t-shirt and winter apparel sale until Friday, December 23rd. Order up your apparel soon!

Dialogue about weather and #CPChatNow apparel kept the night progressing. Eventually the time for the focus chat announcement arrived.

Heaven Ramsey leads #CPChatNow in a focus chat Wednesday, December 14th about "Strength Through Community."Since I am posting this recap last minute, that means our focus chat begins in mere minutes! Hopefully you can join us when we welcome Heaven Ramsey. In case you can’t, I recommend looking around Heaven’s Facebook page, A Stairway to the Stars: Heaven’s Journey with CP.

Confirming the Heaven Ramsey “Strength Through Community” focus chat stood one task personally keeping me busy. Another task accounts for me not mentioning our three-year anniversary amidst the December 7th chat. I spent the day preparing for a presentation I gave on Friday, December 9th. Now I bring up not to gloat, but because others took an interest in my presentation.

Zachary shares what he plans to say about disabilities to two second grade classrooms.Seeking to provide a universal presentation about cerebral palsy and disabilities, I asked others for their insights.

Zachary asks #CPChatNow "What do you want second graders to know about cerebral palsy?"Jen answers what she wants second graders to know about cerebral palsy.Although I already made my presentation, I think people’s answers still could interest others. Therefore let us make the inquiry the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

Answer the week's extend-the-conversation question. "When you were in second grade, what would you have wanted your peers to know about CP?"“When you were in second grade, what would you have wanted your peers to know about CP?”

Comment below with your response! Then make sure to check into Twitter at 8pm ET for our “Strength Through Community” focus chat with guest Heaven Ramsey.

Tweet you soon!