#CPChatNow Recap- 05-25-2016

On Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 our live cerebral palsy Twitter chat discussed many subjects. Hello again! I, #CPChatNow co-founder and co-host Zachary Fenell, am back with you. Hopefully you enjoyed the past two recaps, put together by my co-host Blake Henry. Those recaps prove the start to empowering our community to use this website to share their voices. More about that soon enough though!

In the meantime I possess a lot to recap from our most recent chat. Blake sparked conversation early, asking about inspiration.

Blake aks the #CPChatNow community about what inspires them.#CPChatNow participants share what inspires them.Regular recap readers, yes! You will notice another new Twitter handle in the above screen grab.

The Twitter chat #CPChatNow seems to be growing on a weekly basis!Hamda later specified he lives in Dubai. His presence allowed us to learn about disability perceptions there.

Hamda discusses disability perceptions in Dubai. Fittingly enough, disability perception in general stood out as a hot topic during the weekly chat. Regular Devin triggered the dialogue sharing an article from CNN, “Paralyzed After Falling From Tree, Hunter and Dad-to-be Opts to End Life.”

#CPChatNow responds to the CNN article Devin shares.Now I must admit selecting highlights from the disability perception discussion remained challenging. Personally I thought our community raised several great points. Since such a rich topic, why not keep the dialogue going? In other words, extend the conversation! Answer for the extend-the-conversation question, “What can you do to encourage those who become disabled to push forward, to keep on keeping on?”

Leave your answer in the “Comments” section.

Moving forward, an additional loaded topic emerged thanks to chatter about botox treatment.

Conversation about botox treatment turns to discussion over insurance.Lucinda’s recommendation to checkout Botox Savings Card exemplifies our community’s helpful nature. Join in the Twitter chat fun one week and see what beneficial advice you receive. I sought to contribute to the good advice too when the conversation transitioned to exercise.

Co-host Zachary gives a tip about exercising.

Keep the conversation going and answer "What can you do to encourage those who become disabled to push forward, to keep on keeping on?"

Answer in the “Comments” section.

Overall last week’s Twitter chat conversation covered a lot. From helpful advice to disability perceptions to disability in Dubai and more! I excitedly await to see how the dialogue for tonight’s chat progresses.

Assist me in passing the time until 8:00pm ET by keeping last week’s conversation going. Answer the extend-the-conversation question.

“What can you do to encourage those who become disabled to push forward, to keep on keeping on?”

Thank you for reading. Tweet you soon!



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