ANNOUNCEMENT: June 2016 Focus Chat Details

A calendar flip brings about exciting prospects. For our community that involves the thought. “What will the monthly focus chat be?” Well I am your co-host Zachary Fenell and I am here to tell you!

Typically my co-host Blake Henry and I like to make these announcements during the Twitter chats. Unfortunately circumstances beyond our control prevented that from happening yesterday. Rather waiting another week to make the announcement, we realized. “Wait! We have a website. Let us make the announcement there.”

So without further babbling, I give you the details for our June focus chat.

June 15th author Zach Wood will lead #CPChatNow in a focus chat on breaking down barriers.

Sure I could carry on with my words to tell you about Zach Wood. Better, I will let Zach’s award winning video share his story. He won The Arc of Larimer County Fourth Annual Film Festival with the following.

Given his wheelchair and speech pattern Zach deals with stereotypes too much. People make certain judgments about him because how he sounds or looks. The unfortunate situation however leaves him a perfect candidate to lead our focus chat on breaking down stereotypes!

By living an active life Zach continuously meets new people. When people meet him, stereotypes breakdown and possibilities shine. In this guest blog post for Handicap This Productions, Zach details the many ways he lives actively.

Please join us on Twitter Wednesday, June 15th for a Q & A about breaking down stereotypes with Zach Wood (@zlwbooks). You will enjoy the opportunity to tweet Zach your questions.


You will notice our “Breaking Down Stereotypes” focus chat begins at a special time! #CPChatNow takes place between 5pm ET and 7pm ET Wednesday, June 15th. Mark your calendars accordingly!

Now I realize the time change will cause schedule conflicts for some. Conversely our regular time would not work for our guest and his aid/cohort John Teumer. Therefore I apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your willingness to accommodate. I am confident those who can attend will revel in a memorable conversation.

Anyhow in a few days I will return with a recap from our June 1st Twitter chat.

Until then!


P.S. For more about our upcoming guest, visit his website


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