#CPChatNow Recap- 06-29-2016

Writing a cerebral palsy memoir remained among the popular topics discussed during #CPChatNow Wednesday, June 29th. Hello again! Co-host Zachary Fenell finally here to recap our most recent chat.

Before talking about writing memoirs though, regular Devin showed off his brand new shirt.

Devin will be chugging along in his wheelchair wearing his #CPChatNow pride.If you want to wear your #CPChatNow pride too, your opportunity closes fast. The #CPChatNow T-Shirt and Tank Tops Fundraiser ENDS THIS MONDAY (JULY 11TH). Profits go to the nonprofit Keep On Keeping On Foundation. Make sure you order ASAP!

With that reminder finished, time to re-focus on recapping. Early on my co-host Blake Henry and I teased announcing our July events. Before those however, the dialogue picked up with a question asked the previous week.

Would you write a cerebral palsy memoir?Other aspiring authors emerged from our community as well. Their ambitions helped reveal the challenges involved in writing a cerebral palsy memoir.

Without the right angle for your memoir, you end up babbling pointlessly.Lindsay disccusses the challenges she faced writing a cerebral palsy memoir.As someone with a published cerebral palsy memoir, I added an experienced voice to the dialogue. To share a shameless plug my memoir Off Balanced remains available on the Kindle and Nook. Off Balanced focuses on my adolescent years, particularly how my CP impacted me socially. Basically my journey from embarrassment to embrace over CP.

Yet, not everyone possesses the writing skills to write a book. Said fact raised a valuable point.

Writing is only one outlet to express your creativity and share your story.Let us use this week’s extend-the-conversation question to highlight the various platforms you can use to express yourself. Answer “What platform would you use to share your cerebral palsy story?” Leave your response in the “Comments” section.

Continuing on, like promised, Blake and I announced our July events. First I broke news about our July focus chat.

On July 13th Jocelyn will lead #CPChatNow in a discussion about concert going with cerebral palsy.People are excited for July 13th's focus chat on concert going with cerebral palsy.The “Concert Going with Cerebral Palsy” focus chat marks our latest internal focus chat. Internal focus chats give our community members the spotlight to share their expertise and passions. After making our July 2016 focus chat announcement I put a feeler out seeking future internal focus chat leaders.

Please contact Zachary or Blake if you are interested in leading an internal focus chat.Contact Blake and/or I via a Twitter direct message if interested in this pro bono opportunity. Speaking of Blake, he announced the date for our July Google Hangout.

The date for the July 2016 #CPChatNow Google Hangout is announced!Do not miss any July #CPChatNow fun! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 13th (“Concert Going with Cerebral Palsy” focus chat) and Thursday, July 14th (monthly Google Hangout). Then come back to your device to answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

Answer the week's extend-the-conversation question by replying in the "Comments" section.“What platform would you use to share your cerebral palsy story?”

Again, answer by commenting below. Finally, remember you MUST purchase your #CPChatNow shirts by Monday, July 11th. Order ASAP!

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