#CPChatNow Recap- 07-06-2016

To kick off July the #CPChatNow community reflected. Co-host Zachary Fenell here, guilty causing said reflections. Everything started with one question.

Co-host Zachary Fenell asks how has #CPChatNow impacted your life. #CPChatNow builds community and lessens feeling isolated.Besides building community to reduce isolation, another common theme emerged from the answers.

Co-host Zachary Fenell talks about how #CPChatNow has made him a better cerebral palsy advocate.

#CPChatNow has helped keep Devin informed about current events in the disability community.Current events actually wound up finding a way into the night’s dialogue as well.

Speechless will focus around a nonverbal young man with cerebral palsy and his family.Speechless revolves around JJ, a nonverbal young man with cerebral palsy, and his family. This three-minute trailer gives a good idea what issues you can expect Speechless to tackle.

While my response to live tweeting Speechless remained partly humorous, doing so could lead to amazing dialogue. Obviously people will need to watch to make live tweeting work. Therefore let me ask as the week’s extend-the-conversation question, “In the fall do you plan to watch Speechless?”  As always respond in the “Comments” section.

Though an exciting buzz surrounds Speechless, let us not overlook the summer. Much summer fun still awaits ahead. Maybe you plan on seeing a couple concerts. If so, you will want to stop by tonight on Twitter for our “Concert Going with Cerebral Palsy” focus chat. Tonight’s focus chat leader Jocelyn dropped in last week to share her excitement for tonight.

Tonight #CPChatNow's own Jocelyn leads a focus chat on concert going with cerebral palsy.My co-host Blake Henry reminded us a second reason to feel excited about the week.

#CPChatNow participants will video chat via Google Hangouts Thursday, July 14th. The chat begins at 8pm ET!Once a month we use Google Hangouts to enjoy a video chat. The invitation goes out around 8pm ET. Do you want to join the Hangouts fun? Please direct message Blake or myself to request an invitation. To maintain a private setting we do not post the link publicly.

Your answer will help determine if we live tweet Speechless in the fall.Meanwhile as you stir in excitement for tomorrow’s Google Hangout and tonight’s focus chat, remember to answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

“In the fall do you plan to watch Speechless?” 

Your answer will help determine if we should live tweet the show come September. Answer below by commenting.

Tweet you soon!







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