#CPChatNow Recap- 09-28-2016

Wednesday, September 28th chat regulars looked to #CPChatNow for a needed escape. I, co-host Zachary Fenell, among them. Allow me to fill you in on the details via this week’s recap.

Greetings set the tone early.

Greetings set the tone for the September 28th #CPChatNow Twitter chat.As I noted in the recap’s introduction, I too sought an escape through #CPChatNow. Although rather than a bad day, I desired freedom from fatigue.

Zachary seeks escape from fatigue caused by his half marathon training.My co-host Blake Henry also sounded like he could use a break.

Always busy Blake stops in to say hello. Various topics emerged to distract from the tough days, tiredness, and never ending responsibilities. Naturally around 8:30pm ET conversation turned to the sitcom Speechless.

Jen counts down the minutes to the next episode of Speechless.Only two episodes into Speechless and #CPChatNow community members already connect with the characters! One character in-particular seems to resonate more than the others.

Multiple #CPChatNow community members relate to the mother in Speechless. Given news broke Thursday ABC picked up Speechless for a full season, obviously the love affair with the show transcends #CPChatNow. Make arrangements to watch both the show and participate in our chat. Determine the best plan for you, whether that means multi-tasking or recording Speechless to watch later.

Anyone who relates to the sitcom should enjoy the real life connections #CPChatNow offers. We discuss important issues. For instance, September 28th discussion eventually transitioned to pharmacy errors.

Mistakes can happen. Make sure you double check your medications for pharmacy errors.Read the article which led to the subject, “Boy given ten times as much medicine prescribed in pharmacy error.” During the dialogue chat regular Hannah Pike pinpointed another pharmacy error to double check against.

#CPChatNow regular Hannah Pike warns about a second pharmacy error to watch out for.Thanks to a fun hypothetical, the chat ended on a creative note.

Creativity flows from #CPChatNow community members thanks to the question "If you wrote a song about life with cerebral palsy, what would the name of the song be?"#CPChatNow community members come up with creative titles for a song about life with cerebral palsy.“These Spastic Chains,” “An Ordinary Fighter,” and “Invested in Love” only begins to showcase the creativity possessed by our #CPChatNow community. Show off your originality by answering the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

“If you wrote a song about life with cerebral palsy, what would the name of the song be?”

Reply by commenting in the “Comments” section below. I am sure your answer will rock!

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