#CPChatNow Recap- 10/16/2019

#CPChatNow was active as always last week. Members discussed things such as what makes someone courageous, how their CP can help them avoid hazards, and the difficulty of asking for help. This is #CPChatNow co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap.

First, Zach asked what it is that makes someone courageous. I shared my opinion that courage is doing something that is needed even if you are scared.

Zach and I discuss what makes somebody courageous. I share it is doing something that is scary, but doing it anyways. Zach shared he felt it was not letting fear stop you.

Next, Zach talked about avoiding tripping at a family clam bake due to being extra conscious of a misplaced step.

Zach tweets he avoided tripping over a step at a clam bake due to being conscious due to CP. Paul tweets he is the same way because of his wheelchair and walking with braces and crutches. Zach tweets he looked for trip hazards at high school reunion.

Next, talked turned to a difficult issue that many people with Cerebral Palsy and disabilities in general face, asking for help. I shared I sometimes don’t ask for help due to the many things I am unable to do and wanting to maximize the things I can do. Zach shared a similar story at the clam bake.

I shared I don't ask for help because there's a lot I can't do and I want to maximize what I can do. Zach shares a scenario of carrying his drink at clam bake and needing to ask for help.

Hannah and Zach tweeted about the feelings surrounding asking for help.

Hannah also tweeted agreement with help sometimes feeling condescending while sometimes she has a sense of appreciation.  She tweeted sometimes it relates to the quality of the relationship and sometimes it's her self consciousness.

Hannah and Zach also tweeted further about the fear of being a bother:

Zach and Hannah tweet about being independent to a fault and the fear of being a bother even if they don't see them that way. Zach tweeted he was nervous about working with the Towpath Marathon. Zach tweets this has helped him build confidence to not be a burden.

I want to go back to Zach’s tweet about the step and the clam bake. I know I have been in situations where my CP spidey sense saved me from a sticky situation that people without CP experienced. This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question: How has CP helped you avoid bad situations able bodied people experienced? Please share your answers in the comments and join us each Wednesday at 8 Eastern on #CPChatNow on Twitter.

Extend-the-conversation question in green. How has CP helped you avoid bad situations able bodied people experienced? below with a stop sign in the bottom right hand corner and the multi-colored #CPChatNow logo in the top right hand corner.



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