#CPChatNow Recap- 01-08-2020

With the holidays over, we in the #CPChatNow community resumed our regular Wednesday evening schedule January 8th, 2020. To tell you more about the January 8th Twitter chat, I am chat co-host Zachary Fenell. Regular readers will know exactly how I plan to do this. Your weekly recap!

Over the years we within #CPChatNow have enjoyed a few laughs together. A trend which continues chugging along!

Time cannot derail #CPChatNow's train joke.

My co-host, Devin Axtman, arrived to the chat late because his bus was late to his train. All because the bus ended up stuck behind another train!

Although, the humor does not lay in Devin’s predicament. Rather, the fact Devin’s story involves trains creates the humorous tone. Early in #CPChatNow’s existence Hannah shared a funny story which included a train reference. Ever since simply mentioning trains invokes chuckles from our community’s long-time regulars.

Such a re-occurring joke helped us build a communal feel. Another pillar which allowed us to build our community returns in 2020.

Zachary teases the return of focus chats.

As I shared January 8th, this year will see focus chats return! I noted Devin and I should be ready to announce our first focus chat of the year next week (January 15th). Happily, I am able to confirm we will make this announcement during the January 15th chat. Make sure to join us then!

Also, to ensure we deliver focus chats which interest you, answer as the week’s extend-the-conversation question, “What topics would you like to see focus chats on?” Answer by leaving a reply in the “Comments” section. Your feedback proves vital towards maximizing focus chats’ value.

Perhaps a possible focus chat topic could entail the positives and negatives social media offers the cerebral palsy community. A topic briefly touched upon January 8th.

#CPChatNow participants discuss Twitter regrets.

Curious, I asked participants if they ever regretted posting something to Twitter. Devin replied affirmatively, saying he regrets getting into certain political arguments. His regrets deal less with what he said and more just feeling like the discussions ended up pointless.

Meanwhile Hannah made the insightful point that everyone probably regrets posting something. She continued, noting there are in-person conversations she regrets having too. Quite the relatable sentiment, or so I think.

Anyways, enough about what I think. What do you think would make for a good focus chat in 2020? Remember to answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question. “What topics would you like to see focus chats on?”

Answer for the week's extend-the-conversation question, "What topics would you like to see focus chats on?"

Reply below to answer. Afterwards make your plans to join #CPChatNow each and every Wednesday, starting at 8pm ET.

Until then, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!



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