#CPChatNow Recap- 04-01-2020

Throughout the night Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 participants in the live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow discussed various aspects related to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Here with the details, I am chat co-host Zachary Fenell. Sit back and enjoy your weekly recap.

#CPChatNow participants discuss how they are holding up while practicing social distancing.

As I mentioned, this marked the third week practicing social distancing. I asked how everyone was coping. My co-host Devin Axtman noted his hamstrings getting tighter. Long-time regular Blemi replied she is getting weirder by the day.

Meanwhile Tonia described things for her as “pretty much business as usual.” She did express gratitude that her sister, who also has CP, received paid medical leave from her cashier job. Not everyone proves so fortunate.

Jorge checks in with #CPChatNow.

Essential member to our community and an essential employee to his community, Jorge Oteiza remains working. Although closed to the public, interaction with co-workers still leaves Jorge at higher risk to contract Coronavirus compared to those who can work from home.

Regarding staying home, the prior week’s extend-the-conversation question asking “How is CP impacting staying at home?” kept the dialogue moving.

#CPChatNow participants discuss how CP impacts them staying home.
Devin discusses how cerebral palsy helped to prepare him for staying home.

Props to Devin who first proposed the question in his March 25th, 2020 #CPChatNow recap. Tonia’s reply offered a great perspective. She stated staying home is good for her CP, noting the alternative would involve dealing with dangerous germs and/or exhausting herself.

Additionally, Devin provided new perspective. He mentioned staying home isn’t as big of a deal for him since he is used to staying home after surgeries. Essentially, you could say Devin’s cerebral palsy served as a positive in that way. To keep the positive vibes flowing, share some good news. Consider that this week’s extend-the-conversation question.

To answer this week's extend-the-conversation question, share some good news!

I think everyone could use the good news. So go ahead and share by leaving a comment below. Then remember to join us each and every Wednesday on Twitter, starting at 8pm ET.

Until then, remember. Don’t blend in. Blend out!



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