#CPChatNow Recap- Cerebral Palsy Swagger Focus Chat

Happy Thursday!

Zachary here again to recap this week’s #CPChatNow. The live weekly cerebral palsy Twitter chat gives our community a reason to get excited about Wednesdays. This week the excitement heightened because Hunter Gandee from The Cerebral Palsy Swagger joined us for a focus chat.

Excitement for March 9th's Focus Chat proved a mutual feeling shared by both Cerebral Palsy Swagger and #CPChatNow. Hunter joining us provided us an opportunity to learn more about Cerebral Palsy Swagger’s initiatives. Plus how they feel regarding their story going viral!

Hunter Gandee explains the catalyst for Cerebral Palsy Swagger.Hunter discusses the media coverage he and Cerebral Palsy Swagger received.

Hunter Gandee tells what he considers the best part about the Cerebral Palsy Swagger publicity.Hunter directs those curious about Cerebral Palsy Swagger's future activities to the appropriate resource.Stay updated on Cerebral Palsy Swagger’s future activities and like their Facebook page!

In addition to learning more about their cerebral palsy awareness initiatives, last night supplied the chance to get to know Hunter and Braden on a personal level.

Hunter talks about his and Braden's interests, besides raising cerebral palsy awareness.Hunter reveals some of Braden's other interests.Personally I found learning more about Hunter and Braden’s interests an empowering experience. After all while cerebral palsy creates commonalities within our community, human nature dictates we also possess our own separate interests.

Another human nature dictation decrees we each maintain the ability to make the world around us a better place. Like Cerebral Palsy Swagger, we too can spread cerebral palsy awareness! Exactly how to do so Hunter shared last night.

Hunter Gandee explains how others can raise cerebral palsy awareness.

Answer this week's extend-the-conversation question. How will you raise cerebral palsy awareness?

Leave a comment and share how you will raise cerebral palsy awareness!

Sure, not all attempts to raise cerebral palsy awareness will go viral. Yet if your actions just educates one person, you can say you increased cerebral palsy awareness. Thus let me ask as this week’s extend-the-conversation question,

“How will you raise cerebral palsy awareness?”

Answer by commenting below. Maybe our different answers will even inspire new ideas!

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#CPChatNow Recap- 03-02-2016

Let a new era in the cerebral palsy community CPChatNow officially begin!

I am #CPChatNow co-founder and current co-host Zachary Fenell. I introduce myself because the future will see posts from others in our community. While we work towards those developments, I will resume providing you recaps highlighting our live weekly Twitter chats.

Previously said recaps appeared on my own blog at zacharyfenell.com. In an effort to create more community ownership though, this website came about. Last night during our live chat I officially revealed cpchatnow.com.

The CPChatNow community reacts to the news of a website dedicated to our community.The CPChatNow community contleplates possibilities for cpchatnow.com.As the latter screen grab speaks to there exists many possibilities to grow CPChatNow through the website. Over the next few weeks we will set out actionable steps to turn the possibilities into actualities.

Meanwhile allow us to focus our attention on Wednesday, March 9th (THIS Wednesday). Announced by my co-host Blake Henry, we will welcome a very special guest in the upcoming week.

Wednesday, March 9th Hunter Gandee from Cerebral Palsy Swagger joins #CPChatNow for a focus chat on CP and the future!Back in 2014 Hunter carried his brother Braden on his back for 40 miles in a trek dubbed “Cerebral Palsy Swagger.” The story went viral, garnering much mainstream attention for cerebral palsy awareness. Seriously mainstream! Hunter threw out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game and won Sports Illustrated’s 2014 High School Athlete of the Year Award. Wrestling fans in our community may even recall seeing Hunter and Braden on Monday Night Raw.

Perhaps most impressive about Hunter and Braden stands the fact they continue their cerebral palsy advocacy efforts. This included raising money for an accessible playground at Braden’s school and topping their 2014 40-mile walk with 57 miles in 2015! You can learn more about these latest endeavors via CNN among other news stations.

Between the big website and focus chat announcements yesterday you might think we exhausted our excitement levels. Yet we managed to reach an excitement hat trick! Over the last month Erin (@emdeerx) and I both spent time creating designs for future #CPChatNow shirts. We revealed our respective designs last night.

One of Erin's design for future #CPChatNow shirtsZachary's design for future #CPChatNow shirts.Erin’s second design holds a variation.

Erin's #CPChatNow Design A1

Option #1: This design remains specific to our Twitter chats.

Erin's second variation to her CPChatNow train shirt design.

Option #2: This option mentions our Twitter chats but also acknowledges our presence on Facebook.

Voice your opinion on the variation you prefer with this week’s extend-the-conversation question. “What train shirt design do you prefer?” Answer in the “Comments” section below!

Finally like a train building speed, next week’s chat promises to build on our momentum. Make sure to join us when Hunter Gandee from Cerebral Palsy Swagger leads our focus chat on CP and the future.

Cerebral Palsy Swagger Focus Chat Graphic