#CPChatNow Recap- 02-17-2021

To quote Gorilla Monsoon, this past week in #CPChatNow was a happening as always. Members discussed various topics such as obtaining Assistive Technology, maintaining motivation, publishing a book, and learning to fall. This is #CPChatNow co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap. All aboard!

Chris shared something I thought was cool that you might want to look into in your area and state. Chris discussed the concept of lending libraries for Assistive Technology that she used to obtain products.

zach retweets heather's tweet about her swedish cutting board being her favorite assistive product, chris tweeted she has seen that and the state of washington has an AT lending lab that brought her things to check out

Zach talked about the difficulties he has experienced maintaining motivation and stated he goes through streaks of low motivation. Other members chimed in with their experiences and how they remain motivated.

zach asks if anyone went through streaks with motivation, i tweeted that i do and especially so with work being canceled for the week, zach tweets he was frustrated when his hours were cut in half, but it gave him more time to finish his book, but it took him a few weeks
zach tweets he asks himself what he will regret if he dies tomorrow, blemi tweets that is an ok way to motivate himself, zach tweets he feels it is a good attitude as long as the person does not overdo it

I would like to recognize that Zach has finished his manuscript and it is now in the editing phase. Zach is planning to write a book about the process of his training for a marathon.

zach tweets about the topics of his book, anxieties and falls he experienced, learning to refocus, how to stay motivated during training, he tweets he only did races that mentioned walking at first, chris tweets that she understands zach's anxiety towards running and shared experiences from high school

Finally, members discussed a common thing that is surprising to many able bodied people, learning to fall either in therapy or other areas.

i tweeted i learned how to fall in physical therapy, blemi tweeted her brother taught her after second judo class and it has saved her from many injuries, zach tweeted it is amazing he has never hurt himself despite the falls he has taken
blemi tweeted she bent her pinky finger this year and it is her most significant injury from a fall,

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question: What is the oddest thing you have learned how to do related to your disability?

extend-the-conversation question graphic: an orange, blue, and green #CPChatNow logo in the upper right hand corner, extend-the-conversation question in green, What is the oddest thing you have learned how to do related to your disability? in black, an illustration of a half orange and half red lightbulb that looks like a brain with a variety of shapes and letters inside the brain, #CPCHATNOW in white with a green background

Thanks for reading and please join us each Wednesday on Twitter at 8 Eastern at #CPChatNow!



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