#CPChatNow Recap- 10-28-2020

This past week in #CPChatNow was popping as always. Members discussed their favorite Halloween candy, what they do to manage pain, and their favorite part of November. This is #CPChatNow co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap.

First, members discussed their favorite Halloween candy. I also shared my negative thoughts about candy corn.

i asked what member's favorite halloween candy is. i also shared why i thought candy corn is trash. jen tweeted snickers is her favorite candy, rb tweeted she has always wanted to try candy corn, but she has heard it tastes like balls. she tweeted she prefers hairbo
timmy tweeted a picture of reese's peanut butter cups, zach tweeted peanut butter and chocolate is magical, tonia says tweeted candy corn does not love her back and she likes peanut butter snickers, esperesso chocolate, and awake dark chocolate, zach tweeted he likes anything king sized and candy corn is trash because it doesn't come in king sized

Next, Zach and Casey discussed how they managed pain:

zach tweeted he uses a heating pad to measure back and shoulder pain and has used a tens unit before. casey tweeted a tens unit is like electric shock therapy, but it's portable. zach tweeted he was hurt when he turned the knob the wrong way, casey said the tens unit helps to put them to sleep and asked zach if he is impacted by weather, zach tweeted colder weather makes him sore

Finally, Zach asked members what their favorite part of November is. Members discussed the election being over and writing their novel.

zach asks if members have a favorite part of november, chris tweeted her favorite part is when the election is over, tonia tweeted her favorite part is NaNo- an effort for people to write their novels, zach asked if she was ready, tonia tweeted she finished her to do list, but may have to alter her to word count due to injury

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question: What is your favorite part of Fall?

multicolored leaves in the background with Extend-The-Conversation Question in white and what is your favorite part of fall in white along with the #CPChatNow logo in white

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#CPChatNow Recap- 7/1/2020

#CPChatNow opened up July discussing a wide range of topics. Members discussed Canada Day, critical topics such as their favorite type of M&M’s, and if it was difficult to obey their limits. This is #CPChatNow co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap.

First, I would like to highlight an important conversation The Accessible Stall podcast had about systemic racism and abelism. You can find the episode here.

i tweet about the accessible stall podcast episode on systemic racism

I also wanted to highlight a recent blog post by co-host, Zachary Fennell, about his experience during the Cleveland UCP Race to Empower.

zach tweets about a guest blog post about cleveland UCP"s race to empower

July 1st was Canada Day and Blemi tweeted that it was very different than the normal celebrations due to the COVID pandemic.

blemi tweeted everything is canceled so she was having a low key canada day at home, zach asks about usual activities, blemi tweeted her hometown usually had a parade and rodeo and there are always family get togethers. zach tweets that sounds like fun and a low key day is good sometimes

Next, talk turned to a very important question, what are member’s favorite M&M’s. This was inspired by some delicious Crispy M&M’s I was enjoying.

i ask what people's favorite m&m's were. chris tweeted peanut or nutella.

Finally, members discussed a common struggle for folks with CP, obeying their limits.

zach asks if it is difficult for people to obey their limits. zach tweets his question was inspired by passing on some sub opportunities at work. i tweet i sometimes have trouble with walking long distances.
chris tweets he does not push his physical limitations and it has been a struggle because he used to resent his cp. he also tweets his immune system has never been strong and all 4 sides are affected so he wishes he could be more physically active.

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question: What is your favorite candy?

the extend-the-conversation graphic. the orange, blue, and green #CPChatNow logo is in the right hand corner, extend-the-conversation question is above the question in green with the question of what is your favorite candy above a picture of M&M's on pretzel sticks. #cpchatnow is in white text behind a green background

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