#CPChatNow Recap- 8/26/2020

This past week in #CPChatNow was intriguing as always. Members discussed recent accomplishments and life events and their reason for joining Twitter. This is #CPChatNow co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap.

I would like to first highlight some cool things going on in member’s lives. Chris has developed a survey attempting to measure what people think students should learn about disability. Please help her out by taking the survey!

chris developed a survey for her masters project about what students should know about disability

Next, Zach shared his progress in the Race Across Ohio. He has walked 43 miles in 18 days towards his 60 mile goal.

zach tweets he has walked 43.75 miles in 18 days towards his 60 mile goal in the race across ohio canton to cleveland event

Finally, Zach asked what prompted members to join Twitter. Members shared various reasons, but they all centered around community.

zach asks why members joined twitter tweeting he joined because a client required he had social media accounts to use for promotion, but he has stayed because of community. chris tweeted she was doing disability stuff
shira tweeted she joined twitter because of #cpchatnow. tonia joined because of the dancers from so you think you can dance having accounts and she wanted to keep up with them

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question: What is the main reason you use social media? Please share your answers in the comments.

the extend-the-conversation question graphic. What is the main reason you use social media? There is a graphic of a hand holding a smart phone with a hashtag

Thanks for reading! Please join us each Wednesday at 8 Eastern on Twitter at #CPChatNow.