#CPChatNow Recap- 9-30-2020

The last #CPChatNow of September was busy as always! Members discussed things such as their art, podcasts, and keeping themselves on track with what they needed to do. This is #CPChatNow co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap. All aboard!

First, #CPChatNow mama bear, Erin, talked about her art. Erin would like to use her art to inspire people.

erin tweets she is doing paintings to build an etsy store. erin tweets she is mainly doing landscapes and has backgrounds for be yourself; everyone else is taken and happy fall.
erin shares last week's painting, a painting with a sky at sunset. there is a brown path with dark green landscapes on both sides

Next, talk turned to Chris’s upcoming talk at a CP conference about his podcast, a podcast about his favorite musician, Prince.

chris tweets he is talking about how he is recording and editing his podcast while sharing stories of his favorite guests and episodes, zach asks who his audience is and states that can be helpful in deciding what to share. chris tweets his audience is people with cp, friends and families and healthcare professionals
chris explains his podcast is on his favorite musician, prince. he is going to explain how prince inspired him to put his voice out there and talk about what he loves. i shared i felt prince would love that and that's what he is all about.

Finally, talk turned to something that is a struggle for many, especially during quarantine, staying on track.

erin tweets staying on task is her biggest struggle, zach tweets he has a similar issue due to him jumping from task to task, he needs to remind himself to focus on one thing, erin tweets she makes daily goals and tries to remove distractions, zach tweets he is working at the library to remove distractions

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question inspired by Chris’s podcast: What is your favorite Prince song? Share your answers in the comments!

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#CPChatNow Recap- 5/13/2020

The #CPChatNow recap returns as we recap the happenings of last week’s chat. To quote the late WWE Hall of Famer, Gorilla Monsoon, it was A Happening! Members discussed the latest in their life at home and positives that were happening during quarantine. This is #CPChatNow co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap.

First, members discussed a hot topic these days, wearing masks and the annoyances that brought:

zach tweeted his face mask is fogging up and it slides off his face, i tweeted i have worn one, but it is hot

Next, talk turned to how things have gone when members have ventured out and what the experience has been of others observing social distancing (or not):

i tweeted i had been to a park, grocery store, and fast food restaurant. blemi tweeted she had only been to grocery store, the vehicle registry, and her parent's place and that she missed people. zach tweeted he misses human interaction.
zach asked about social distancing in different settings stating he has only been walking down streets and in a park. blemi tweets that she wears a mask because people don't observe the 6 foot rule, i tweeted we stayed away from people at the park but others didn't, the grocery store wasn't that packed, and the fast food restaurant was in and out

Finally, let’s end this recap with some positivity! Zach asked members to share some positivity:

zach asked members to share positive news. blemi tweeted about seeing rob's family, chris tweeted she passed her mock class and did the paperwork for her teaching job

This brings us to our Extend-The-Conversation Question: What positive things have happened to you during the quarantine? Please share your answers in the comments and join us each Wednesday at 8 Eastern on #CPChatNow.

extend the conversation graphic. multicolored #cpchatnow logo in the upper right hand corner. the question: what positive things have happened to you during this quarantine? the word positivity above a field of daisies and a blue sky

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