#CPChatNow Recap- 12/20/2017

The week before Christmas was an eventful week as always in #CPChatNow.  Members talked about returning to their former clinic, the character of Tiny Tim, their grandparents, and more. This is #CPChatNow Co-Host, Devin Axtman, taking you along on this week’s recap.

The chat started with #CPChatNow Co-Host, Jorge, checking in from a vacation with his family:

Blake checking from a vacation with his family. His tweet includes a picture of a beach at sunset

Zach also talked about recently seeing A Christmas Carol and being disappointed with the Tiny Tim character:

Zach lamenting that Tiny Tim in a Christmas Carol is just a plot device and a turning point for Scrooge

Wum Gin talked about going back to her old clinic and memories of her gait analysis. We shared memories of the pain from the markers for the gait analysis being removed from our legs:

Wum Gin discussing returning to her original clinic. We discussed memories of our gait analysis and the pain the removal of the markers caused


With the holidays, talk turned to family, and specifically grandparents.  Blemi started the conversation by talking about her 95-year-old grandfather who has been a huge influence in her life and how he met her grandmother in a World War II internment camp:

Blemi discussing her grandfather's active lifestyle and her grandparents meeting in the internment camp

Finally, Zach also discussed a memorable moment where he scooped ice cream for his grandparents. Zach shared his ability to perform tasks is often overlooked:

Zach talking about a cherished moment when he scooped ice cream for his grandparents and he discussed how he is often overlooked when family asked for help


This brings us to our extend-the-conversation question: What do you wish others knew about your strengths while living with CP?

Tweet you later!

-DevinAn orange background with white text. The top has Extend-The-Conversation Question. Strength is in the middle in all caps. What do you wish others knew about your strengths while living with CP? is in white on the bottom with the #CPChatNow logo in white on the bottom


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