#CPChatNow Recap- 8-28-2019

This past week in #CPChatNow was jumping as always. Members talked about topics like submitting their first manuscript, snapping their fingers, and the bane of many people with CP’s existence, shoes. This is #CPChatNow Co-Host, Devin Axtman, taking you along for the ride on this week’s recap.

First, I would like to recognize #CPChatNow’s resident scientist, Timmy. Timmy is starting his PhD program and submitted his first 1st author manuscript. Good luck this year Timmy!

Zach and Timmy tweet about Timmy's first 1st author manuscript. A paper that condenses his master's thesis.

Next, Zach asked if members are able to snap their fingers, something that is difficult for many people with CP.

Blemi tweets she is able to snap her fingers

Talk then turned to whether members could do things like the Vulcan Salute, sing, and play an instrument.

I tweet I cannot snap or do the vulcan salute. Grace tweeted she cannot do the salute or whistle a melody while she can sing. Zach tweets he cannot sing, snap, or whistle. Grace tweets she has practice but can't play an instrument. Zach tweets practice is important to doing something well.

Next, talk turned to how long member’s shoes last them. Keens and Docs were popular durable shoes. Many members expressed that shoes did not last them long.

Zach asked how long it took member's shoes to wear down. Chris tweeted it depends on the construction, but she has luck with keens. Blemi mentions docs as well. Heather tweets her shoes wear down at different times.
Grace tweets her shoes can wear down in weeks or month, but it can be a year. She tweets her left shoe can wear out faster.

Finally, Zach mentioned a CP life hack he used at a recent wedding, wearing black tennis shoes rather than dress shoes.

zach tweets that he wears black tennis shoes instead of dress shoes as a CP life hack. Blemi tweets zach is lucky he is a guy. Zach tweets he would be a mess in heels

Zach’s tweet about tennis shoes inspires our Extend-The-Conversation Question: What are your CP life hacks? Share your answers in the comments!

Extend-the-conversation question graphic. An easy button with what are your CP life hacks? and the white #CPChatNow logo

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#CPChatNow Recap- 7-5-2017

This past week was a lively week on #CPChatNow as always.  Members discussed finding shoes that fit them, working on a disability pride march, important issues that face the disability community, and invasive questions they have been asked about their CP.  This is #CPChatNow Co-Host, Devin, taking you along for the ride. Enjoy!

This chat started out with some happy news as Hannah noted she found some sandals she can walk in:

Hannah tweets that she found sandals she can walk in and bought both shoes. There is a picture of her foot in a pink sandal. Zach replies that it is the little things in life while Hannah responds she is just happy to find shoes she can walk in

Next, Rachel noted that she is working on translating the Chicago Disability Pride March brochure into Spanish. We love to see positive change at #CPChatNow!

Rachel noting she may be working on translating the Chicago Disability March brochure into Spanish or at least volunteering for the march

Then, talk turned to Gabriella Burman’s question of, “What is the most important issue keeping people with disabilities from living a full and independent life?”  I started out by saying that I felt the most important issue is a society that is not set up for us. Transportation and attitude also came up.

There was also a discussion of whether attitude is the most important factor when it comes to accessibility. I pointed out that if you don’t give someone a chance, do all of the other variables matter?

There was also a discussion of whether attitude is the most important factor when it comes to accessibility. I pointed out that if you don't give someone a chance, do all of the other variables matter?

Finally, talk turned to what is the most invasive question anyone has been asked about their CP.

Zach asks what the most invasive question people have been asked is. Suzanne reports being yelled at an airport for using the accessible stall. I pointed out that I get questions about why I am walking if I use my wheelchair

Hannah “won” the question (although, I don’t know if there are any winners here) by tweeting that she was asked how she used the restroom by herself.

Hannah tweets that she was asking how she uses a public restroom by herself. Zach says that it is better than being patronizing. Hannah tweeted that she just ignored the question

For our Extend-The-Conversation question, I would like to go back to Zach’s tweet about Hannah’s shoes being an example of “the little things” in life.  What are some of the little things you take pleasure in regarding CP?

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Devin White text in front of a background of waves crashing onto rocks: What are some of the little things you take pleasure in regarding CP? White #CPChatNow logo below question

#CPChatNow Recap- 3-8-2017

This week on #CPChatNow there were a variety of topics talked about as always.  The topics ranged from our co-host’s time in Spain on his study abroad trip to the difficulty of finding shoes.  This is your interim co-host, Devin Axtman, taking you along on this week’s recap.  All aboard!

Unfortunately, our other co-host, Zach Fenell, missed his first chat since September of 2014 due to a power outage.

Zach Fennell describing how he missed this chat due to a power outage

I also shared our regular co-host, Blake’s, blog from his study abroad trip in Spain.  The blog is worth checking out for the attempt at the wheelchair ramp alone!

Devin talking about Blake's blog on the ridiculous wheelchair ramp. Hannah saying it reminds her of escalators.

Next we talked about the common misperception people have that disability is something that needs to be fixed.  Hannah and Blemi agreed that the person with a disability has a right to decide whether they want to be fixed or not.

Hannah and Blemi talking about the misconception disability needs to be fixed

Hannah and I talked about ignorant comments others had made towards us including at a concert and when somebody blessed my legs.

Hannah talking about someone asking if she can stand at a concert. I responded with how somebody blessed my legs.

Finally, many chimed in with a common problem people with CP face, finding stylish shoes.

Discussion about difficulty of finding stylish shoes between Hannah, Devin, and Blemi.

What are some everyday things you find that are difficult to find because of your CP?This brings us to our extend-the-conversation question: What are some everyday things that are difficult to find because of your CP? Please share your responses in the comments.

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