#CPChatNow Recap- 5-24-2017

This week’s #CPChatNow Twitter chat was a meandering chat that reflected the busy nature of our member’s lives.  There was even a little bit of Español thrown in!  I am #CPChatNow Interim Co-Host, Devin Axtman, and I will be taking you along on this week’s recap.  All aboard!

This week’s chat took on numerous topics, but a well discussed topic was member’s feelings about the impact of therapy in their life.  Rachel shared a funny antidote that doing dishes was therapy for her after Blemi shared she was exhausted from doing dishes:

Rachel states doing the dishes was occupational therapy for her after Blemi suggests she was exhausted from them

#CPChatNow regular, Jessica, also shared why she felt the common belief that Physical Therapy is simply an extension of personal training is misplaced.  She shared this is more the case for adults, while for kids PT is about re-establishing Nuero pathways.

Also, one of #CPChatNow’s founders, John Quinn, stopped by and shared the latest always interesting developments in his life.  Seriously, check out his book, Someone Like Me, it is an outstanding description of his life with CP.

John Quinn shared a copy of his book Someone Like Me with an Academy Award winning actress

In some happy news, our #CPChatNow Co-Host now known as Jorge Oteiza, is back from Spain and enjoying some family time, overalls, and a new tattoo.

Picture of Jorge Orteiza with his grandma in overalls

Also, Jorge shared some positives and experiences from his trip to Spain:

Jorge's positives from Spain: knowing the metric system, friends, and an intact phone after dropping it in the train tracks. Rachel advised not doing that in Chicago

Next, this brings us to the announcement of our focus chat on aging with CP. Please join us tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31st at 8 EST.

Zach announcing our focus chat on aging

Finally, I would like to go back to the beginning of our chat for Rachel’s discussion about washing dishes being therapy to our Extend-The-Conversation-Question: What non-traditional forms of therapy have you used?

A picture of waves crashing on the shore with white #CPChatNow logo and the extend-the-question conversation: What non-traditional forms of therapy have you used?

Please join us tomorrow at 8 EST for our focus chat on CP and aging.

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#CPChatNow Recap- 06-08-2016

Excitement remains abuzz the #CPChatNow community. I am co-host Zachary Fenell, back again. Amidst all the exciting prospects I am tasked to focus and recap the June 8th Twitter chat.

In-part the aforementioned excitement extends to announcements made June 8th.

#CPChatNow co-host Zachary Fenell announces Zach Wood will lead a focus chat on breaking down stereotypes Wednesday, June 15th.Co-host Blake Henry announces the date for #CPChatNow's monthly Google Hangouts video chat.Now the focus chat news first broke June 3rd, right here on our website! To ensure you stay updated on everything, subscribe to the website. When using a laptop or desktop, you will find the option located on the left hand side bar. On mobile devices scroll down until you see the “Subscribe” forum.

Subscribers know another reason for the recent #CPChatNow enthusiasm. Yes! I am talking about the #CPChatNow t-shirts and tank tops sale. Long awaited news I first made public here. Learn more about the sale. Then purchase your own #CPChatNow gear to wear.

With that plug complete, let me resume recapping. Early conversation segued to chatter about physical therapy.

Early conversation segued to discussion on physical therapy.#CPChatNow community members share how physical therapists had them deal with pain in physical therapy.The ability to relate to physical therapy matters seems small. However, such ability can prove a difference maker. You can especially gain a greater appreciation when remembering a time before social media. A time frame our participants recalled.

Our community recalls the time before #CPChatNow and social media.More reflection on life before #CPChatNow and social media

Answer "Before #CPChatNow and social media, did you know anyone else with cerebral palsy? If yes, how did you meet?"

Leave your answer in the “Comments” section.

Time for you to share your voice. Regulars know the drill. Go ahead and answer the week’s extend-the-conversation question.

“Before #CPChatNow and social media, did you know anyone else with cerebral palsy? If yes, how did you meet?”

Respond by commenting below. Tweet you shortly during our focus chat on breaking down stereotypes.



#CPChatNow Recap- 03-30-2016

Yes, FINALLY a recap for the March 30th live cerebral palsy Twitter chat #CPChatNow! Zachary here to document last week’s exciting chat. Excitement I derailed by waiting a week to recap. Anyhow I’m here now and with me I brought highlights from the past week.

The presence brought by chat newcomers sparked the aforementioned excitement.

CPChatNow co-host Zachary Fenell introduces new participants to the community.Lucinda introduces herself.Ella introduces herself.Amidst welcoming our newcomers by also introducing ourselves another newcomer joined the dialogue!

CPChatNow welcomes those who have a disability different from cerebral palsy.I wish to emphasize, despite our CP distinction we are welcoming to all disabilities. Personally I’m always interested to learn how other disabilities compare with cerebral palsy. So please, join us sometime. Our conversation tends to grow naturally. For example, our introductions smoothly transitioned to another subject.

Introductions soon transitions to conversation about physical therapy.Quickly physical therapy (PT) came to dominant the chat.

CPChatNow discusses attitudes towards physical therapy and frequency in schedule.The physical therapy discussion continues!All the above PT talk eases us into this week’s extend-the-conversation question. “How do/did you feel about your physical therapy?” Leave your answer in the “Comments” section.

Moving on with the recap, I also announced details for April’s CPChatNow Google Hangout.

Co-host Zachary Fenell announces the date for April's Google Hangout.Keep the conversation about physical therapy going!Hangouts offer an opportunity to gather face to face without us all needing to travel to one spot. For safety reasons invites go out privately. Send me a direct message on Twitter for more information.

Hopefully I will talk to you tonight during this week’s live Twitter chat. While you countdown to 8:00pm ET, go ahead and answer last week’s extend-the-conversation question.

“How do/did you feel about your physical therapy?”

Talk soon!